Saturday, October 15, 2011

All In by Brynn Paulin

All In 
By Brynn Paulin

Book Blurb:
When Erik Porter’s friends dared him to kiss a random guy at the bar, he never thought things would take a turn for the steamy. The dare leads to a connection he never expected and a night he’ll never forget.

I just love these short Exotic Gems from Resplendence Publishing. I especially like when Brynn Paulin writes an Exotic Gem because I just love her writing. 

After Erik accepts bet dared by his two friends, he walks up to a complete stranger (a man) and kisses him lips to lips, tongue to tongue. What he thought was a cool three hundred bucks knocked his socks off and made him stagger out of the Vegas bar they were all in. 

I enjoyed All In, because it was a story about a male's sexual preference discovery and his "first time". I love reading about romance adult"first time" stories. 

You wouldn't think with a quick short story I would feel a connection between Erik and Joel but it was completely believable that Erik was shocked and excited to find out he really wanted to pursue Joel sexually. 

Their intimate scene was exciting and super sexy. I wanted to Erik to walk away comfortable with his decisions and not feel shame. I really liked that the author, Brynn Paulin did that to Erik. I also liked that she wrote that his one night of lust did not lead him to all of sudden date tons of men. All In was a great sexy read. 

Not to give away the ending, but I loved it. 

Teasers: Clark Kent, bounty hunter and handcuffs

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