Friday, October 14, 2011

Text Me by KJ Reed

Travis and Ariel's book

Text Me

By KJ Reed

Book Blurb:
Staff Sergeant Travis Donovan is on the hunt for his little sister. Though he hasn't spoken to her in years, his last deployment reminded him how short life is, and it's time to reconnect. Only problem? The one piece of contact information he has, a cell phone number, belongs to someone else now. A woman named Ariel. A woman he can't get his mind off.

Ariel Winston doesn't have time for a man. Her plate is full with work and grad school and family obligations, and she's fine with that. But the innocent friendship she's sparked with Trav, the anonymous texter, can't hurt. Right? It's not like she'll ever meet the guy face to face.

But when these two collide during a night of voyeuristic pleasure, they have decisions to make. Will they balk at what fate has dropped into their laps? Or be willing to look beyond the unique circumstances and enjoy their finite time together?

You know when you've had a book on your reading shelf for awhile and you look at it over and over again because you want to read it but you just aren't in the mood? Well that was me with Text Me. I just haven't been in the mood for a contemp romance with heat as I seem to have been on a big urban fantasy and historical romance kick lately. Well I decided yesterday to leave the urban fantasy and historical romance behind because I just needed something fresh. Text Me was perfect for my mood and I am so glad I waited to enjoy the smutty goodness. 

I loved the idea on how the couple Ariel and Travis meet in Text Me. I had not come across that scenario and I really enjoyed reading it all come together. I can't recall reading a book with a similar plot line so it was  fresh and creative. 

I adore books with a military flare and although Text Me is not set in a military situation with combat or international struggles, the two yummy men were marines. The main protagonist, Travis Donovan, screamed sexiness and the way KJ Reed described his kisses made me melt. So hot. Any girl would be jealous of Ariel. 

Ariel seemed like girl from both ends of the spectrum. On one hand she is a hard worker plugging away at school mimicking a bookworm and then on the other end she is into sharing men with her best friend. I love that she blows both stereotypes out of the water. Why can't smart girls be all seducing and sexy? 

As their fake names prevented an outright meeting, it was a lot of fun reading about the unraveling of all the text messages and how it was uncovered that each was texting one another. It was just meant to be that in a big city like Philly, they meet and fall for each other. 

If I didn't know that there were two more books in this series, I would be disappointed not knowing what became of Travis's missing sister, his friend Goodwin and not finding out whether Ariel's best friend, Mary Ellen, ever gets Ariel's brother Brice pinned down for a date. The good news is, there are two more books that answer all those questions!

Teasers: hotel sex (cause who doesn't love hotel sex),
sexy marines, sister search, "I'm not going to die a ninety-year-old virgin because the one man I'd want to spend forever with won't even give me for now."

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Julie said...

Wow. You have made this book sound really good. Great review Michelle!