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To Wed A Wild Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

Lord Gabe Sharpe and Virgina Waverly's book

To Wed a Wild Lord (Hellions book 4)

By Sabrina Jeffries

Book Blurb:
Drowning in guilt over his best friend's death seven years ago, Lord Gabriel Sharpe, the Angel of Death, knows his only hope at redemption is a race against a shocking opponent. 

Shrouded in darkness for the past seven years, the infamous racer Lord Gabriel Sharpe is known to accept every challenge to race thrown at him. When his next challenge comes in the form of his late best friend's sister, Virginia Waverly, Gabe is shocked. Yet she presents just the opportunity Gabe needs--marriage to fulfill his grandmother's ultimatum and ensure his inheritance. What he didn't count on was needing her love.

Gabe is indeed the wild one out of his brothers. A phaeton carriage racer, Gabe has been known as the Angel of Death for seven years after racing Virginia's brother, Roger. Roger died in that reckless race and Virginia along with her grandfather had always blamed Gabe for his death. It was a great story to read about the forgiveness unfold and begin to heal. Both healing inregards to Virginia against Gabe but also with Gabe himself. He had such a burden all these years. Great title and well suited, To Wed a Wild Lord.

Even though Gabe felt incredibly guilty for losing his best friend that fateful day all those years ago, it certainly did not curb his wild activity with the racing. It took me a long time in To Wed a Wild Lord to understand why he would continue to be a daredevil and continue to race so carelessly. Even after it was fully explained, I just didn't buy it. Sabrina Jeffries did a great job explaining Gabe's reasons through Virginia's voice, but I still just didn't buy it. 

Virginia and Gabe had great chemistry on the pages. They are totally a great match and it was lovely reading how Gabe tried to win her hand. I liked Gabe and he would have won me over a long time before it took Virginia but with the heavy blame she still placed on Gabe. It made for a great obstacle and book conflict. Well Virginia's grandfather was a pretty heavy obstacle as well. 

Of the Hellion series so far, I found Gabe's romance the most swoon-worthy of the brothers. There is a hay loft scene that was simply romantic as it was lusty. The added touch that Gabe walked around dressed completely in black, firmly cementing his Angel of Death persona, just made him that much sexier to me. No wonder the women were crazy for him. But the best thing was that I didn't necessarily get the impression that Gabe was the rake his brothers were. He'd rather hang out with his horses. 

The mystery continues along the series and it got even more interesting in To Wed a Wild Lord. More and more secrets are uncovered and I haven't a clue at this point who could have killed the Sharpe sibling's parents. I have some light speculation but really, I'm grasping. I love that Celia's book is last and the Bow Street Runner, Mr. Pinter seems to be the potential match in A Lady Never Surrenders so I am happy to start the book next. I am sure I will feel some sort of withdrawal once the series is done as I've come to really like the Sharpe family and their spouses. 

Teasers: mystery man on horseback, hayloft heaven, lavender, grandma just may get some ;)

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