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A Lady Never Surrenders by Sabrina Jeffries

Lady Celia Sharpe and Jackson Pinter's book

A Lady Never Surrenders

by Sabrina Jeffries

Book Blurb:
With two months left to find a husband to fulfill her grandmother’s ultimatum, Lady Celia Sharpe sets her sights on three eligible bachelors. Becoming betrothed to one of these wealthy, high-ranking men will surely prove her capable of getting married, so hopefully the wedding itself won’t be necessary for Celia and her siblings to receive their inheritance. Step two of her audacious plan is hiring the dangerously compelling Bow Street Runner Jackson Pinter to investigate the three men she’s chosen. But with Lady Celia bedeviling Jackson’s days and nights, the last thing he wants is to help her find a husband. And when she recalls shadowed memories that lead his investigation into her parents’ mysterious deaths in a new direction—putting her in danger—Jackson realizes the only man he wants Celia to marry is himself!

Excellent conclusion to a wonderful series.
Out of the Sharpe siblings, Celia seemed to be the one placed off in the background in the other Hellion books. She was there but not much of an appearance in the other stories. So going into A Lady Never Surrenders, I really didn't have any confirmed perceptions about Celia. 

Mr. Pinter however has been in every single book quite a bit since he was the fore front investigator into the deaths of Sharpe's parents.  Celia labelled him "Proper Pinter" and that would ring true. He did come across as very proper and straight. I pictured him stuffy with a tight cravat wrapped around his neck. He was a "by the book" type of man. Celia and Jackson seemed to love to hate each other ever since book 1, The Truth about Lord Stoneville. That contempt made for some great reading and conflict resolution. Reading and feeling the ice melt around Celia and Jackson's hearts was awesome. Also the major steamy kisses were meltworthy too. 

I loved the murder/suicide puzzle that flowed through from book 1, The Truth about Lord Stoneville straight through to this final book, A Lady Never Surrenders.  The mystery was an excellent way to keep readers up to date with all the siblings and their spouses. There were twists and turns and just when I thought I figured it out, Mr. Pinter would take us on another route. I am not a mystery reader so I don't read well into the mystery formulas and their plot lines but I did enjoy this Hellion series. I would gauge it to be a light mystery but regardless, it kept my interest throughout. 

I adored their grandmother all the way along but I got a wee bit annoyed with her in A Lady Never Surrenders. Even though my annoyance was there, I still understood why she was making the decisions she did. It is only because I was privy to Celia and Jackson's point of view that made me mad at her. As always her heart was in the right spot. 

It was a treat to read each story from back to back and that is truly my favourite way to read a series. I had been wanting to read The Hellions series for a while so when this last book A Lady Never Surrenders was recently just released, I knew that this was a perfect time to jump aboard. 

PS - This series did annoy me that the paperback book is only 7.99 from Amazon but the Kindle versions were 10.25. I almost didn't start the series due to this pricing. Small font size in paperbacks drives me crazy. I need my Kindle versions. Not the author's fault by no means so this comment is not reflected in my perfect 5 star rating. Just a fact that makes me crazy!

Teasers: hunting competition for a kiss OR a new rifle, bastard's father revealed, cozy poacher's cottage, kidnapping

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