Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spectators by Maggie Wells

18+ review


By Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:
From the moment she steps into the exclusive Spectator Club, Grace Andrews finds herself caught between heaven and hell. Dark and light, two halves of a delicious whole, partners Damien and Gabriel are intrigued by the newest member of the club. Intrigued enough to take her initiation in hand...and mouth. And anything else. Because at the Spectator Club, anything goes.

These little dirty bits by Maggie Wells are hot little numbers. Super quick reads for only .99 that packs a punch. They are short yet they seem longer. This erotic novella, Spectators it the perfect little smut fix you are looking for. 

With a play on character names, you have the ever feminine Grace, the devil Damien and Gabriel the watcher. Mix the threesome together and you are taken on a voyeuristic trip to heaven. 

You can feel the thumping of the bar music and the feel the blinking lights as Grace enters the Spectators club. Looking to live out a fantasy with funds left over from an inheritance, Grace plans to just do that. In her high heels and her sleek and sexy clothes Grace joins the club to act out a sexual fantasy and Damien and Gabe are only too happy to participate.

Damien seeks out Grace almost as she enters the Spectators club. With three little words all women love to hear, "I want you" Grace willingly and lustfully turns herself over. For Grace the Earth tilts on its axis as she makes her way to the "special" one way mirror rooms to find her Utopia. The erotic threesome balance heaven and hell as Grace is taken on a trip between good and bad. Enjoy the journey as much as I did!

Teasers:  "Nothing more beautiful than a woman taking what she wants." 

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