Saturday, February 4, 2012

Epic Moments for Me

This past month I've had two epic moments for me as a book review blogger.

Epic Moment #1
Author Tibby Armstrong's publisher had selected a quote from my book review of her captivating story, No Apologies. (Here is my review of No Apologies)
I was beyond ecstatic to have a tidbit of my review added to the back cover of No Apologies. It was a fabulous book that left me thinking about it for quite awhile after finishing it. What an honour for sure. This is my first quote ever on a book.

In case you can't read the quote it says, "I wished I was there. I wanted to be their friend. I wanted to hug them."

Epic Moment #2
As a book review blogger there are many things I hope to accomplish. One of the things that I hope to do is inspire someone to try out and buy a book. For a person to take a recommendation by me and then have it turn out positive is so satisfying. After all, so many of my own book choices come from recommendations from friends.

I received this email below. I have permission from my Australian book friend to post it. It made my entire week. She was specifically looking for historical romance suggestions. Since it is my favourite of the romance genre I gave her some. Yes, this is exactly what is it is all about!

I hope you are well? January has proven to be crazy busy, but I have finally clawed my way back on line. I hope you had a nice Christmas? I myself was glued poolside devouring Julie Garwood books (Which I deeply thank you for) You introduced me to Garwood via your blog. Now I have introduced her to my Mum and friends.

I am seriously salivating at all the information you have provided. I am going to have such fun researching these. I am also excited to see a few Scottish romance suggestions *sigh*

Oh and OMG my all time number 1 book boyfriend (I think he may very well have knocked Adam from Mercy Thompson from the long standing number 1 position) is Iain Maitland!!!!!! From the Secret...I am having heart palpitations just thinking of him. 

Thank you soooo much for taking the time to give me some suggestions, it's a total Guilty Pleasure conversing with you about my HR fetish.

Yep. It's all worth it when I see someone just as giddy over the same books I love. As book blogger have you had any Epic type of moments?

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Julie said...

Those are definitely EPIC moments! So happy for you! You write wonderful reviews and make excellent recommendations, all the while keeping this blog as upbeat and interactive as possible! Kudos to you! :)