Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Missed Connection by Maggie Wells

18+ review

Missed Connection

By Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:
Saturday morning sorority girl-Cuppa Joe-Halsted St. 

At least that's what you look like to me. I see you every Saturday, ordering your non-dairy, decaf, why-bother version of coffee. 

You with the Goldilocks hair, big blue eyes, and toothpaste smile. You match your little gym outfits to your yoga mat and clutch your Blackberry like a lifeline. 

I shouldn't be attracted to you, but I am. You want me too. I've caught you, you know. You stare at me with the same hungry gaze you use on the chocolate croissants in the case. 

Do you have a craving for ink, Goldilocks? Are you itching to take a stroll on the dark side? Will you dare to take a bite, or will you deny yourself pleasure like you do pastry? 

Don't walk away again. Let me have you. Let me have just enough so I can stop thinking about you and you can stop staring at me. Take a taste of me. I dare you. 

Meet me at Cuppa Joe, Friday the 15th at 9PM. Don't settle for just right, Goldilocks - just this once, choose too hard and too hot. 

Before I read this hot little number by Maggie Wells, I had never heard of Missed Connections. I had never knew that there was an internet site dedicated to people posting about a missed meeting or a connection. I looked it up online and spent a little time on there smiling at all the people trying to find that missed connection that they let go by. Some great stories and ads on there. The whole concept is totally cool. What a great idea for a story and that totally got me into the frame of mind as I clicked to open my Kindle. 

Well that brings me to this Missed Connection. Seriously for .99 this sexy short story is super hot and full of fantasy. A hot tattooed coffee barista places a missed connection ad seeking out one of his pretty blond yoga pant wearing customers. When she visits the coffee house, she brings out the hunger in him. He wants that sweet Goldilocks and to take her on a ride to his dark side. He sends out the tempting offer into cyberspace and hopes she shows up and accepts his tempting offer. 

His piercings to her sweet ballet flats that are as opposite as night and day. However their lust for each other is completely mutual.  She answers his ad by showing up and that's when the pages start on fire. A quick erotic read that sets you off into an arousing fantasy where complete strangers just go for it. 

Teasers: you'll never eat a chocolate croissant again and not think about this story


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