Friday, July 13, 2012

Anne Browning Walker: Why Smart Women Read Romance Novels

I love this article that I read today on The Huffington Post website. I wish more were published exactly like what Anne Browning Walker wrote. I hate the stigma associated to romance novels. 

Anne Browning Walker: Why Smart Women Read Romance Novels:

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I never hide behind the fact I adore romance novels. Why should I? They make me happy, content and deliver great entertainment for an awesome price. I was just saying to an acquaintance friend the other day that I love romance novels so much because there are so many types to choose from. From paranormal to historicals, erotic to inspirational, the selection is vast. 

One thing I never understood is why some of these people who give me shifty eyes when they find out I read romance novels are the same people who stampede in droves to romantic type movies.  Everyone knows a book is way better than a movie yet for some reason people don't associate that with romance novels. 

Anyone have a stories they want to share about an experience they had when they told someone how much they liked romance novels? 

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Jo K said...

I hate people stigmatising me for reading (also) romance. It happened to me a couple of times that a person who I got along really well with and we respected each other and she (yes, she - what is it with women judging other women) thought of me as in intelligent person (I know because they'd told me so) and then when I told them I read romance, they looked at me like I disappointed them, like I just stooped for a few levels in their eyes.

So there was a time when I just kept it to myself. But I grew over it. I'm proud of reading and enjoying romance - it's entertaining, relaxing, it can make you think and it can teach you things or make you want to learn things (for example, historical romance often encourages me to go and further research the era/theme it is about).

Sorry for the rather long rant (and for preaching to the choir). It's a burning issue for me. Great topic!

Unknown said...

*high fives* Pepca I totally understand what you mean. I wish I understood the negativity towards romance novels. I liked the article because she focuses on smart women. That is the message that needs to be delivered.
I just read three Stephanie Laurens novels and I was pleased to read that she was a scientist. I love it!

Julie said...

I loved this article! Smart women DO read romance novels! And smart women write them too! I now have two degrees under my belt and in a year's time I'll have my teacher education certificate. AND I LOVE ROMANCE NOVELS. Hell, if they offered a university course about romance novel appreciation, I'd be signing up today!

I have absolutely no shame in what I read, especially when I know the time and attention to detail that went into it.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with smart women write them too! If there was a course on romance novels, heck I'd probably even sign up too.