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Nobody's Hero by Kallypso Masters

Adam Montague and Karla Paxton's book

Nobody's Hero (Rescue Me book 3)

by Kallypso Masters

Book Blurb:
Retired Marine Master Sergeant Adam Montague has battled through four war zones, but now finds himself running from Karla Paxton, who has declared war on his heart. With a twenty-five year age difference, he feels he should be her guardian and protector, not her lover. But Karla's knack for turning up in his bed at inopportune times is killing his resolve to do the right thing. Karla isn't a little girl anymore—something his body reminds him of every chance it gets.

Karla Paxton fell in love with Adam when she was a sixteen-year-old runaway and he rescued her. Now, nine years later, she's determined to make Adam see her as a woman. But their age difference is only part of the problem. Adam has been a guardian and protector for lost and vulnerable souls most of his life, but a secret he has run from for more than three decades has kept him emotionally unable to admit he can love anyone. Will she be able to lower his guard long enough to break down the defenses around his heart and help him put to rest the ghosts from his past? In her all-out war to get Adam to surrender his heart, can the strong-willed Goth singer offer herself as his submissive—and at what cost to herself?

CONTENT INFO: This couple's story begins in Masters at Arms and continues in Nobody's Angel. This is not a stand-alone novel. This book contains very erotic scenes that include BDSM (bondage-discipline-domination-submission-sadism-masochism-master-slave)—but these ALWAYS will be safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) acts told in a more realistic approach to the BDSM genre. Includes rough sex, Shibari (rope bondage and suspension), anal play, cunnilingus, fellatio, flogging, sex toys, and intensely erotic "vanilla" sexual acts. Length: approximately 137,000 words.

Let me shout from the roof tops, "I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!" (did you hear me?)

Wow, I was blown away. So much happens in Nobody's Hero. I've read each of the stories in the Rescue Me series one right after another and the stories just merge together seamlessly. In the first book, Masters at Arms, I knew my favourite couple was going to be Adam and Karla and as it turns out, it's totally true. I adored reading about their coming together. What a journey and what a journey it was. Nobody's Hero is going down as one of my all time favourite books.  I was so drawn to this couple. Oh, and I am in love with Adam. Okay, so I may have a girl crush on Karla too. 

Where to start with this review without giving away the awesomeness of the story???? There is an age gap between Adam and Karla. This age gap is big deal for Adam as he battles his emotions to see Karla as a woman and not the sixteen year old teen from book 1, Masters at Arms.  Karla on the other hand, has loved Adam ever since her hero worshipping teen days. Her biggest struggle is getting Adam to notice her, as a full fledged woman making mature choices. The best word I can describe each of them is tenacious. Neither of them are willing to let go. 

This back and forth battle of wits journey filled the entire book but did not become tiresome. Kallypso Masters kept uping the ante with each chapter. It was genius to maintain the constant theme but keep it moving forward. 
I would have to say that Karla was the most determined of the pair and thank God she never gave up. Adam deserved a strong woman totally devoted to him after all of his emotional and physical battles. Battles he still experienced everyday. He is a Dom that needed a sub to guide him. As dominate as he was, I loved that Karla was known to him as the kitten that can turn to a baby tiger. The smile never faded my face the entire time Karla tried to top him from the bottom. She is a rather convincing woman. Determined, strong, faithful and oh my God so patient. 

Adam is a mature man. I found his age as sexy as Karla did. With age comes experience and Adam was oozing with experience. The man had endured enough baggage for two lifetimes. 

As Karla finally gets Adam where she wants him (in bed) he takes her places that she never dreamed about. Nobody's Hero is by far the sexiest BDSM book I have ever read. 

I just don't want to give away anymore of the book and ruin it for the reader. I don't want to take away from the reader experience. There a only a handful of books I'd ever want to rate higher than a 5, and Nobody's Hero is now added to that list. I want to turn around and just re-read it again. 

I have a feeling that the next story in the series, Damian and Savi's story, is really going to be emotionally draining for me. The few chapters inserted into Nobody's Hero that is setting up their book already had me holding my tummy. I will have to have a box of Kleenex close by if my predication is true. Regardless, I am very much looking forward to reading their story. 

Teasers: subspace, highly creative bondage rope scene(s), long lost mother, harem girl fantasy

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