Sunday, July 15, 2012

Commitment by Margaret Ethridge

Tom and Maggie's book


By Margaret Ethridge

Book Blurb:
Tom Sullivan wants a woman who is willing to accept him as he is. The successful divorce attorney has seen enough of the flip side of love to know better than to promise forever. Women have tried to pin him down, but none have managed to make it stick. 

Until Maggie McCann. 

Maggie is only interested in one thing. Her fortieth birthday is looming and the tick-tock-tick-tock in her head means her biological clock is about to strike midnight on her dreams of finding Prince Charming. Armed with a new plan for her happily ever, she foregoes the Fairy Godmother routine and makes an appointment with a fertility clinic for a rendezvous with a sperm donor. 

The last thing Maggie needs is to get mixed up with a player like Tom Sullivan. 

A chance encounter and the opportunity to scratch a decade-long itch prove irresistible, and what starts as a one-night stand turns into a game of cat and mouse when Tom learns of Maggie’s plan to start a family on her own. 

To Maggie, messing with a guy like Tom Sullivan is the single-girl equivalent of playing with fire, but she convinces herself to take what she can get for as long as she can and expect nothing more. But Tom falls hard and fast for Maggie, and now that they’re planning to have a baby together he starts banking on his own a happily ever after. 

If only he can get her to commit… 

We first meet Tom and Maggie in Margaret Ethridge's first book in the series, Contentment. (which I LOVED) They were both secondary characters in Contentment but not a couple at all. You don't have to read Contentment before reading  Commitment as it can be read as a stand alone. (but you'd be denying yourself an awesome read) 

I will admit that I am not a fan of pregnancy stories and I also don't think every romance needs to end with a baby. Commitment is so much more than a pregnancy story which the cover will lead you to believe. (Although the cover is pretty cute)

I like to compare Maggie to Annette Bening in the sense that she landed the whale, Tom. Tom the forever playboy is the sexy attorney that seems to have a collection furnishings from previous relationships scattered around his home. I love to read about alpha male protagonists like Tom. They are normally so calm, cool and collected yet when they meet a strong woman like Maggie, they don't know what hit them or how to act. All of sudden after years of being in the drivers seat, they are on a new unfamiliar terrain. Love love love it. Tom's never felt the need or impulse to pick up the phone and call a woman. Oh the power Maggie welds and she doesn't even know it. Here's a quote from Tom,

"I want to see you. I want to spend time with you. I like talking to you, that is, when we're not bickering."
(LOL smooth Tom real smooth)

Maggie is another great protagonist and an inspiration for women. She has enjoyed the majority of her life, owns a business that she is passionate about and now wants to take the next step in her life by having a baby. The darn biological clock is ticking away as she nears her 40th birthday. Of course the problem is that she doesn't have a dad in mind or is currently dating anyone. I just adore Maggie. I want Maggie as a friend. I know that I have really connected with a character when I wish I could just pick up the phone and make plans to hang out. 

Commitment is a great title because it plays on a double entendre on so many levels. There is the obvious commitment of a relationship and to have a baby but there is more. Tom and Maggie don't start out as a couple and there are various other commitments made along the journey to get there. 

Teasers: granny pants sexy scene, Fred the cat (loved Fred!), Tom's high maintenance mother, Maggie giving Tom a facial


Laurie said...

I have to agree with you about Commitment, it is a great read. I love Tom and Maggie too. I've read Contentment as well and as great as that book was I think I enjoyed this one even more. Maggie and Tom just worked together. They know how to laugh, argue and love each other.

Julie said...

Fabulous review, Michelle! I love your comparison of Maggie to Annette Bening. And the part about you wanting to be her friend--I said the exact same thing after reading it. She's one cool chick!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments! Great couple.