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It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

Lillian Bowman & Marcus, Lord Westcliff's book

It Happened One Autumn (Wallflowers #2)

By Lisa Kleypas

Book Blurb:
It happened at the ball...

Where beautiful but bold Lillian Bowman quickly learned that her independent American ways weren't entirely "the thing." And the most disapproving of all was insufferable, snobbish, and impossible Marcus, Lord Westcliff, London's most eligible aristocrat.

It happened in the garden...

When Marcus shockingly—and dangerously—swept her into his arms. Lillian was overcome with a consuming passion for a man she didn't even like. Time stood still; it was as if no one else existed...thank goodness they weren't caught very nearly in the act!

It happened one autumn...

Marcus was a man in charge of his own emotions, a bedrock of stability. But with Lillian, every touch was exquisite torture, every kiss an enticement for more. Yet how could he consider taking a woman so blatantly his bride?

I continue to adore this Wallflower series. It Happened One Autumn is the second book in this series where four wallflower women have banned together to obtain their goal of marriage. The books could be read as stand-alones but I think you would miss the great character references and understanding of their relationships. 

Lillian and her younger sister, Daisy are having a very hard time fitting in with English ton and securing marriages. Even though they are rich heiresses, they are completely American with their mannerisms and do not fit into the historical aristocratic English ways. They don't know the "rules", they don't know which fork to use and they speak their minds. As much as the men of the peer realm find them amusing, they wouldn't want to be married to either of them. 

Lillian has witty and sarcastic come backs. I laughed constantly at the things that came our of her mouth.  

"Oh, well, obviously. I'm a world- renowned temptress." 

The relationship she has with her sister is one to be envied. They are two peas in a pod. They are mischief makers and even though their mother refers to them as angels, they aren't fooling anyone. Especially their mother. 

Lillian and Westcliff don't start out on the best of terms but their obvious attraction is apparent to everyone. Westcliff knows he has to eventually marry and for as much thought as he has claimed to thinking about marriage, he really hasn't put much thought into it other than understanding it is a major commitment and that his wife will be of pure peer blood. I don't think that Westcliff had anything against marrying outside of the ton, he just never thought he'd marry outside of the tight circle. 

Their banter was at times comical as it could be frustrating. He'd try to bully, she'd rebel back. Neither give in so they have a constant battle of wits game going on.  

Teasers: escape from the bedroom, magic fragrant, the purple-spotted dingy-dipper, drunk in the library on pear brandy

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