Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guilty Pleasure - Me Want Coooookies

There are a few other bloggers that are doing these Guilty Pleasure posts as well. It all started with C.J. Duggan and if you want a bunch of smiles, circle back to her site and see the comments to read other pleasures. Love to have you join the fun. 


I can't help it. 

I'm addicted. 

I love cookies. 

The basic chocolate chip is my favourite and I just can't seem to get enough of them. 

In fact, when I buy special cookies or receive them as gifts (Tim Tams or Mint Slices) I hide them. 

I bury them in my dresser drawers or hide them away in my closet. The stash is safe from teens who think cookies need to be inhaled. Okay, so I pretty much inhale them too. 

I feel so sneaky when I bring home special chocolate fingers that only come out during the holiday season. When I'm checked out at the store, I literally take them out of the shopping bag and place them in my purse. When I come home, I go to my bedroom, close the door and take out the hidden treasure and tip toe into my closet. I may even have to fake cough to suppress the sound of the bag crinkling. I don't want my kids to pick up on what I am doing. For some reason they can't hear me YELL to do the dishes but they can hear a bag crinkle from 2 flights of stairs up. 

I wish I was this passionate about carrot sticks or cauliflower florets but alas I am not. Besides, that would really smell up the closet don't you think? 

Do you have a secret snack food that you stash away? What is your favourite cookie? Don't share a recipe with me though because I don't do the homemade unless someone gifts me a batch. 


Julie said...

It's funny how the sound of a package of cookies opening can be heard from miles away. :D I don't blame for you hiding them. I love cookies too. Anything with pb in it is heaven to me, but I love a really good homemade chocolate chip cookie as well. One of my most favourite things is making giant cookiewiches. A big scoop of ice cream pressed between two chewy cookies. Guhhhhh. My life is complete.

Laurie said...

If I go to the store and get something that I want just for me, it goes up into the lulucave aka my loft. Hubby doesn't come up here. He knows that is my domain. Generally I will buy him a treat also,(which goes by his side of the couch, because we do have specific sides of the couch.) But, if it's a general snack that is available for either of us, it goes in the 'snack box' in the dining room. Yes, I have specific places. Have you met me?

Margaret said...

Coooooooooookie! Me love cookie. I don't think there's a cookie I will not eat. I tend to hide cookies in my super-secret hidey spot, but I parse them sparingly.

I had a package of Mint Slice that lasted almost an entire year in the back of the fridge. There may have been a post-it note attached...It might have threatened certain death to any marauders...

C.J Duggan said...

Mmmmm cookie!! Who ever thought of such a thing was a genius! Or a God...or maybe both?

White choc chip Macadamia, mmm break me off a piece of that! No seriously, I want some!!

Now we are getting into the warmer whether I have had a thing for cookie dough ice cream. Somebody put together two of my favourite things just to punish me. The only thing is you can't hide ice cream in your closet :(

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm a huge cookies monster... really love tim tams and snickerdoodles... so dangerous that I have to keep them out of the house before I devour them all:)

Great guilty pleasure:)

Unknown said...

So glad that we have so many cookie lovers. *looks at the kitchen wanting to eat cookies*
Thank you all for stopping by.