Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like This by Emma Hillman

Like This 
By Emma Hillman
Resplendence Publishing Erotic Gems 

CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Ménage (m/f/m), Erotic Gems Short.
ELEMENTS: Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content Including Sex Between Multiple Partners, Graphic Language and Adult Situations.
LENGTH: Short-short

Book Blurb:

One day, David dares his girlfriend, Lily, to spend the weekend naked. She agrees, but only if he does the same. However, by the next Saturday morning, she’s forgotten all about it. He finds her in the kitchen and reminds her of the rules, quickly undressing her before showing her why obeying him is the right thing to do.
When they have a guest over the next weekend, however, and David still wants her to be naked, she suddenly wonders whether that dare wasn’t created for an altogether different purpose…
Be free and let your naughty little fantasy world take over when you read "Like This". It is a hot little number that makes you grin with naughtiness. Yes you know in real life it is wrong have your boyfriend share you with his friend but just let go, sit back and enjoy "Like This". 

Lily and David are a couple that are really comfortable and secure sexually with each other. They play a little game of dare one weekend that keeps them nude the entire 2 days. They love to play hot sexy games and make them crave each other even more than they do. 

The following weekend, David's Army Ranger friend Sam is home from a short leave. He is heading back again to the war zone and is depressed. David decides to share Lily with his hunky friend Sam. What happens next is a hot menage that the three friends enjoy freely. David, Lily and Sam heat up the living room and the readers are in for a hot erotic number "Like This". For only .99 it is a super deal. Read Except from author Emma Hillman's site here.    

Teaser: Spatula, Pizza peep show, nude weekend

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Emma Hillman said...

Thanks a lot, Michelle, for the great review. Glad you enjoyed it!