Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toy Training by Vee Michaels

Toy Training

Toy Training

By Vee Michaels

Book Blurb:
Minerva Richards is a prude. After losing a bet, she takes a raunchy, sex toys class that affects her in unpredictable ways.

Minerva Richards, a local politician, is a woman who has never had an orgasm. Her friends tease her about her prudish nature but cannot get her to lighten up. One night, after a few margaritas, she loses a bet and has to take a sex toys training class at a local adult store.

Though very uncomfortable surrounded by sexy gadgets, Minerva vows to get through the class, if only to shut her friends up.

There she sees Danny, her dogs' veterinarian, and she's sure she'll die from embarrassment. But as the class moves along, her barriers break down and Minerva finds herself doing things she'd never imagined. Can one two-hour class change her views about sex forever?

I loved Toy Training. It was a short (about 5,400 words) that had me smiling from the beginning to the end. I think I enjoyed the story more because Minerva and Danny were mature characters. I love that Vee Michaels recognizes that not every erotic novel needs to be about a twenty something couple.

I adored the internal conversations that Minerva kept having with herself during this 2 hour sex toy demonstration class. I loved that she was embarrassed of being embarrassed and admitted that to herself. Sex toy embarrassment  is totally relatable to many readers. I giggled that Minerva showed up to attend this toy demo class in sunglasses and a hat.

Minerva’s nerves were getting the better of her as she clumsily held onto the toys and discovered their uses. For a short story the actions flowed by easily and I felt it was much longer than the 20 pages or so that it was.  Toy Training was a hot little number with a happy ending. Minerva and Danny have already overcome the new dating awkwardness and ready to tackle their new relationship. (with the classroom bag of toys in their hands)

Teaser – Words to live by from Minerva “Who knew my vagina could be so...magical?”


Julie said...

This one sounds cute. And that teaser...LOL!

Marketing Director said...

Thank you for taking the time to review Toy Training. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Vee Michaels said...

Thank you Michelle for taking the time to read and review Sex-O-Matic.

I appreciate your comments and you!


Vee Michaels