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Interview with Vee Michaels

Welcome to my blog today multi published author Vee Michaels.
From Vee’s bio - I am a multi-published author in a variety of genres--but let's get serious--which genre gets the blood pumping and the heart thumping? Erotica--you are my guilty pleasure. I love creating the snippets of people's most intimate moments and exploring the intimacy that comes from the most intense of feelings.
I hope you'll join me on my journeys. I work hard to infuse them with irony, humor, interesting characters, and, of course, sensuality.
My erotic stories have appeared in: Playgirl, Breathless Press, Ruthie's Club, Tassels & Tales, Red Rose Publishing, and BooksToGoNow. They are out for the Android, the iPod (iTunes Books), the Kindle, the Nook and more.

Vee, on your webpage your tag line is “tiny tantalizing tales of trysts”. Why did you decide to write short erotic stories instead of longer novels?
Actually, I write both. I have two contemporary romance novels published under a different name. But to answer the question, I enjoy short stories. As an avid reader, sometimes I want something thick and dramatic and sometimes I want something light and fun. As a writer it's nice to take a break from an all-consuming novel. Short stories allow for more frivolity. Writing  and reading them is like wearing leopard-spotted stilettoes: tall on fun, but short on stamina.

I seem to think that more and more people talk freely about the erotica genre and stories. Do you think the ebook evolution has skyrocketed the erotic genre and opened more doors?
I think the ebook and ereader market has opened the doors to a wide range of genres. With the romance and erotic market (and others I'm sure) looked down upon, ereaders give people the opportunity to read what they want without being judged. Plus there are more choices than ever.

I just finished Toy Training and loved it. My review is here. I mention in my review what I loved so much about Toy Training is that the main protagonists are mature. You even include a funny line from the character Minerva’s mind where she is thinking, “Have mercy on a grandma!”
Firstly, thank you for creating a character that is older than 25 to star in an erotic story. When you set out to write Toy Training, what made you move to create more mature characters?
First of all, thank you and that's a good question. Honestly, one thing I have never liked about romances is the stereotypically perfect hero and heroine. I wish I could get away with veering off the beaten path more than I do, but critique partners and publishers are only so tolerant. Here's a shout out to Breathless Press! Thank you.
Perhaps the rebellion comes from the fact I am a muscular (not petite), forty-seven year old and I certainly have fun in spite of my age and size. 

Toy Training focused on sex toys but I know that you have written other types of erotic stories. What sort of research do you do when writing an erotic story?
LOL. Um. Well it depends on the story line. I do a lot of research based on my characters' situations, etc. just like any other book. As far as the sexy pieces go, well, I guess that would be just experience and goofing around with the hubby.

How hard is it do you think to get people to comment on Amazon or other book review locations when the genre is erotic?
As an author who has written in a variety of genres, I think it's hard to get attention no matter what you write. Unfortunately, given my standing in the community, I also disassociate myself from the erotic genre. Most acquaintances don't know I write erotica. I think it's silly that I should have to hide it, but with young children at home, I'd rather not take chances.

Do you remember the first erotic story you read? What was it and is there a story around why you read it?
Haha. Yes I do remember. It was way back when I was twenty-one. My mom and I were both newly divorced and I figured we both needed some fun. Neither of us had dated much, partied much, or anything much. We bought a Playgirl magazine and (giggling) looked at the pictures and read the erotic stories aloud.
This was NOT our typical behaviour to be sure. It happened once and we still, to this day, laugh about it.

Who is your favourite erotic author and why?
This is a hard question. As a book reviewer, I read several books a week. And, honestly, they all get jumbled in my head. I also like to give new authors a try, so I don't read a steady stream of a certain author.

Who is your book boyfriend?
I haven't committed to just one! I'm playing the field.

What question didn’t I ask you today that you hoped I would?
You certainly asked thought provoking questions. I suppose I'd like to be asked why I write funny erotica.
The answer is: because it makes people happy. 

Where can fans get a chance to talk to you?               
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Thank you so much for granting me an interview. Great answers!

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Thank you for reviewing my book and hosting an interview. I appreciate you and your website very much!

Vee Michaels