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The Hellion and the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

Lady Averill Mortagne and Kade Stewart's book

The Hellion and the Highlander (final book 3)

by Lynsay Sands

Book Blurb:
Only one man could set her heart ablaze . . . 

Lady Averill Mortagne learned to control her fierce temper as a young girl. But if her father insists on parading her before one more English lord who looks askance at her flame-colored hair, she'll simply scream! Her only respite is the time she spends with Kade Stewart, the wounded Scot her brother brought home from the Crusades. Who could have imagined a Highland warrior would be the only gentleman around? 

Lady Averill helped save his life, and for that Kade is truly grateful. She is also almost unbearably beautiful, but he could never subject such a sweet and gentle lady to the rough life of a Stewart laird's bride . . . or could he? When she braves an unexpected danger by his side, Averill will prove to Kade that her heart is as fiery as her hair . . . and that submitting to their scorching passion would be heaven indeed.

Hellion and the Highlander was my favourite of Lynsay Sand's medieval Highland series. There was just something so heartwarming when the talkative Lady Averill nurses the gravely injured Kade back to health. 

Lady Averill has red hair and in the English medieval times, red hair superstitiously meant that the person had a devil temper. Couple that with the strawberry birthmark on Averill's cheek, she was turned down for marriage quite a few times. 

Kade's injuries left him blind for awhile so all he got to know of Averill was a sweet docile lass that took much care in nursing him back to health. Once Kade gained his site back, he was strongly attracted to her beautiful red hair but wished she had a stronger demeanor.  She'd never last in the harsh Highlands as sweet as she was. 

One particular night Kade witnessed Averill's hot tempered side and he was a gonner. He immediately asked for her hand in marriage and her father eagerly accepted. 

Once back into the Highlands at the Stewart holding, there was trials and obstacles that Averill had to overcome. One was putting up with drunken in laws. It was a tough situation as Kade needed to take over as laird and have his clan accept him. He was gone for many years and the clan was in complete disarray. 

As Kade took over as laird of the Stewart Clan, there was someone trying to kill him. It was certainly quite a mystery as there was no obvious villain to point the finger at.  

In no time at all, Kade and Averill fell in love but not admitting it to each other. I loved that the couple are married at the beginning of the book and the entire story is of how they fall in love and work as a team. Highly enjoyable. 

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June M. said...

This was probably my favorite of the trilogy too! I loved it. Although I loved the first 2 also *G*. I loved the scene where Averill was telling Kade & her brother about what had happened with the prospective groom and his mother. Ms. Sands is a great author, who adds a lot of humor to her stories. She is definitely an auto buy for me!!!