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Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters

Marc & Angelina's book

Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me book 2)

By Kallypso Masters

Book Blurb:
Marc d'Alessio might own a BDSM club with his fellow military veterans, Adam and Damian, but he keeps all women at a distance. However, when Marc rescues beautiful Angelina Giardano from a disastrous first BDSM experience at the club, an uncharacteristic attraction leaves him torn between his safe, but lonely world, and a possible future with his angel.

Angelina leaves BDSM behind, only to have her dreams plagued by the Italian angel who rescued her at the club. When she meets Marc at a bar in her hometown, she can't shake the feeling she knows him, but has no idea why he reminds her of her angel.

When Marc's search-and-rescue partner, widower Luke Denton, confides he believes Angelina is the angel his wife promised to send him, Marc is convinced she is meant for Luke. A painful incident from his past keeps Marc from letting any woman drive a wedge between him and a friend.

While Luke can provide Angelina with love and stability, Marc knows his friend can't satisfy her submissive needs. Marc offers one night to show her that BDSM is not about pain, but a power exchange with mutual trust and consent. But he knows he can't commit emotionally to anything more.

When the abusive Dom from Angelina's past threatens, Marc's protective instincts kick in; he must keep her safe. Again at the Masters at Arms Club, she turns the tables on him and turns his safe, controlled world upside down. (Book Two in the RESCUE ME series; follows introduction to series, MASTERS AT ARMS.)

Nobody's Angel was a fabulous book 2 in the Rescue Me series. As a reader, you need to read book 1, Masters at Arms. It is offered for free at Amazon and the book is paced nicely to set up for each of the other books in the series.

I really liked Nobody's Angel a lot. It delivered on action and angst. There was an abusive Dom villain that offered the perfect story line set up for Angelina and Marc's romance.   

Marc was a complex character. There were times that Marc thoroughly confused me and he often acted out completely against what his emotional intentions were. This constant contraction was confusing to not only me but obviously to Angel as well. You know, I think Marc confused himself a whole hell of a lot too. 

Angel and Marc are both Italian and I totally loved the Italian pet names they used for each other. Marc's voice was written so well that as a reader, you could easily pick up on his slight accent. It was not over the top or in your face and instead it just added to his incredible sexiness. 

I was very jealous of Angel and not just because of having Marc for a lover. (LOL) That woman can cook up a storm. I want to hire her. I want her to cook for me. She adds so much love into her food creations. I could smell her kitchen emanating off the pages. 

Nobody's Angel also included a bit of a love triangle between Angel, Marc and his work partner, Luke. Luke didn't really fit the role well and I felt he was mismatched with Angel. The man was sexy with his Texan drawl but it was so obvious that Angel and Marc were going to be the couple. 

I do want to point out that the series is called Rescue Me and I just love that Kallyspo Masters hasn't made this series just about a man rescuing a woman. Angel does a pretty damn good job of rescuing herself out of situations with no help from a man. I pumped my fist in the air a few times. Rescue Me seems to really about both members of the couple being rescued. A great double entendre play on the title. I have huge respect for the author for going that route and I hope that theme continues in the rest of the series.  

As for the hotness level, lets just say it is a raging fire. So so hot and very well crafted writing. I have ZERO complaints in that department. 

I want to jump right into the next book so badly. I am really loving this series. Up next is Adam (whom it is safe to say, I adore him) and Karla's story. Nobody's Hero is perfectly set up as the next in the series. I can't wait!

Teasers: wolf man rescue, sexy pool game, dinners to die for, girl's camping trip gone really bad 


Kallypso Masters said...

Thanks for such an honest and accurate review! OMG--you cannot believe how frustrating Marc has been for me since I first wrote Angel (in 2009!). I just knew there was something else, something he wasn't revealing to me--and it comes out in Nobody's Perfect (due out later this summer, due to a delay).

You're find as you read on that my characters don't magically become perfect and solve all their problems by the ends of their romances. Adam also will need some more work (probably in Nobody's Home, book six), because the man's inability to communicate with Karla, and some other issues I won't say because of spoilers, really need to be addressed.

I've been married 29 years and know that happily ever after takes maintenance and hard work. I like to write realistic BDSM, as well as realistic romance in my books. One reader recently said my series is like one LONG book, because of the cliffhangers and the characters still having issues they need to work on. And, of course, there is no separating Adam, Marc, and Damian. Their bond is a strong one--and Luke and Grant are becoming important parts of Adam's "family," too.

Hope you enjoy Nobody's Hero. Just remember, that man has had his hangups (and been running) for 34 years and they aren't going away overnight. He's going to make you want to give him a Gibbs headslap more than a few times--but he's still my uber Dom. Love those older Doms/heroes! :)


Unknown said...

Wow thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a great comment of explanation. One of the things I love about this series is that it is not finished after one book and then the main characters from the previous books magically goes away. I have bonded with your character so I am glad to read the continuations.

What a joy to read and I'm so glad I found these stories.

Just loving Karla and Adam's story so much. Review to come shortly.