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Light Weaver by Carol Anne Strange

Tom and Cali's book

Light Weaver

By Carol Anne Strange

Book Blurb:Light Weaver is a contemporary story with a fantastical twist set in the English Lake District. It's a tale about love, transience, and the nature of reality. What if your world was no longer what it seemed? Strange and inexplicable things are happening in the Lakeland fells ... light orbs dance over mossy crags, symbols miraculously appear in grassy lowlands, and Cali Silverthorn keeps disappearing into other worlds.
Mobile librarian, Tom Philips, is captivated by free-spirited Cali but is struggling to make sense of her remarkable abilities and the escalating strangeness impacting ordinary rural life. As beliefs are challenged, Tom and Cali's love becomes the only constant in a questionable reality as they face the heart-breaking realisation that Cali may soon disappear for good.

Light Weaver is so far removed from my everyday reading that I am having a difficult time rating it or even how to review it. I am always open to new types of novels and genres so I really wanted to  give Light Weaver a try. I was especially swayed to reading it after listening to the book trailer. I was mesmerized by the swoon worthy voice of Allan Scott-Douglas and his narrative of "Tom" from the story. 

I was really in the mood for something different. I had a craving to read a contemporary story where the setting was somewhere in the U.K. Light Weaver is for sure contemporary but it has a heavy reality-questioning theme. As I indicated, it is different. I think if you are a fan of Sarah Addison Allen's whimsical stories, you may really like Light Weaver. I think Carol Anne Strange's story is a bit more "out there" than her's though. 

I admit to struggling with fantasy type of stories. I am far too logical of a person to believe in crystal healing and light orbs. I think I connected with Light Weaver though because Carol Anne Strange made her character, Tom's view, very close to my own. Here's a perfect quote and why I bought into the story. 

"...a lover of swooning words and rare thoughts, I wasn't really prone to flying away on a fantasy cloud of high romance." 

Cali is the Light Weaver. As explained in the story, a Light Weaver is someone who has the ability to control the light energy in a miraculous way. Tom is a non-believer at first but as he begins to witness Cali's work and disappearances before his own eyes he changes his views. 

There is a lovely romantic element to Light Weaver as Tom and Cali fall in love. Everything is so fantastical and magical. I adored the secondary characters and I found myself being absorbed in Carol Anne Strange's poetic writing. Light Weaver read and flowed so easily with captivating descriptions. I loved reading about crop circles and standing stones. The story left me wondering if it is at all possible. A highly enjoyable read. 

Teasers: Lake District in England, mobile library, healer, Mother Earth

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