Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Mad, Bad Duke by Jennifer Ashley

Meagan Tavistock and The Grand Duke Alexander's book

The Mad, Bad Duke (Nvengaria book 2)

By Jennifer Ashley

Book Blurb:Meagan Tavistock can easily see how Alexander earned the nickname Mad, Bad Duke. His deep blue eyes promise sinful pleasure and his rich voice intimates that as soon as they are skin to skin, he'll fulfill desires she isn't even aware of. When a love spell misses its intended target, Meagan can no longer resist the temptation...until the magic wears off, leaving the pair in a most compromising position. Their only option is a marriage that thrusts Meagan into a new world of high danger, dark secrets, and a passion so intense she can t help wondering: Is it the lingering power of the spell or true love at last?

I got The Mad, Bad Duke in paperback as a super good deal at a giant booksale. Hey a book just has to say it's written by Jennifer Ashley and I am buying it. You can tell that The Mad, Bad Duke is an early work of Jennifer Ashley as it is not as awesome as her more recent books but it was still an enjoyable read regardless. 

It is not too often I read a historical romance with paranormal elements thrown into the mix. As I had indicated above, I just saw Jennifer Ashley's name and grabbed the book so I didn't even read what the story was about. The paranormal shape-shifters and the touch of magic took me by surprise. Not in a disappointing way rather just in an unexpected way. I can probably count on one hand how many times I've read a paranormal historical romance. 

There were a lot of the book 1 elements included in The Mad, Bad Duke. Since I didn't read book 1, Penelope & Prince Charming, I discovered that in reading book 2 there are some gaps and history missing. You could read it as a stand alone as I did but I am wondering if my rating would have been higher if I had read book 1 first. 

Meagan and Alexander fall in love right away. However the powerful lust, attraction and love they feel is due to a talisman spell. I loved that the couple were immediately drawn together and were very free voicing their feelings and showing their affection. No bent up frustration or miscommunication. No wondering on thoughts or confusion. Their attraction was not over the top and very much resembled a newly dating couple who are really in to one another. I was excited for them. 

Alexander is the Grand Duke of a country called Nvergaria. The country is so believable that I fully admit to Googling it to see where it was. *giggles* Jennifer Ashley was brilliant with her descriptions, customs and politics. Totally believable. 

I enjoyed the story; I just didn't love the story. 

Teasers: fishing in puddles, sexy sword dance, black panther, magic letter delivery service

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