Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outlander Fans, Come Obsess with Me! Outlander Jewelry

TA DA! Check this out! 

One of my most favourite gifts that I have ever received was a reproduction of Claire's ring from Outlander. I treasure that gift because it is so personal and perfect for me! (I love you BFF! Da Mi Basia Mille)

Here is what it looks like.  

Anyhow, I follow The Author's Attic on Facebook and I am sure you could hear my squealing when I saw this recent post announcing new Outlander book charms. Aren't they pretty! I totally made an order and I selected the one with the Outlander book in antique silver. I am going to wear it around my neck on a chain. 

If you love book inspired jewelry from the likes of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Diana Gabaldon or Anya Seton you should check out this website The Author's Attic.  Great gift ideas too since the holidays are around the corner. The prices are very reasonable!

I am in no way affiliated with The Author's Attic nor is this paid advertisement for them.  I was just outrageously happy to order this very cool charm and wanted to share. 

I'm only adding the picture of Diana and me because I usually look for any reason to do so  :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I hope you'll post a pic once you get it :)

Unknown said...

Are they not awesome! I can't wait.

Christine said...

Though I've yet to purchase any of these lovelies, I absolutely squealed with delight when I saw them. I've been coveting Claire's ring for a long time. Now that these fabulous charms are available too, I really need to start checking things off of my WANT list. ;)

Unknown said...

Christine, I totally love my ring. It is good quality and Outlander fans can spot it right away. I love that!