Sunday, November 11, 2012

Men in Uniform by various authors

Men In Uniform

By various authors

Since this weekend is to recognize and celebrate the brave men & women of the military, I wanted to read a military themed book. What a better place to start than with a series of short stories. Men in Uniform is a great deal for 2.99 for Kindle

The Imposter
by Jennifer Johnson
You know that old saying, "I'm smiling so much my cheeks hurt."
That perfectly describes my feelings after reading The Imposter. It was so good that I want it to be a true story. 

String of Pearls
by Margaret Ethridge
A heart warming welcome home WW2 story. I totally felt whisked away to the dance celebration while a Glenn Miller wannbe band played in the background.  The sounds, the descriptive textures and the emotional feelings were completely authentic as I imagined any returning soldier would have experienced. Outstanding. 

Mind Over Matter
by Ruth J. Hartman
I was a bit confused with this story. Apparently Lydia didn't want to ever date a smart guy because that made her feel dumb?? So she just sticks with the super good looking guys that are sensitive and not smart. See the confusion. 
The story plays on a lot of incorrect stereotypes where good looking people are not not smart and if you look nerdy, that immediately means you are a brainiac.  

Dorthea's War
by Lozi Hart
I really liked Dorthea's War. I am always drawn to a story where the protagonists give off the appearance that like they don't really like each other but in their reality, they are very attracted to each other. I also liked that Dorthea is really smart and is a secret agent for the government. There is this one scene where Dorthea and Adam are away on a mission and they are stuck on a boat cramped in a really tight cabin. They need to take turns for the bed and Adam actually takes the bed and leaves the chair for Dorthea to sleep in. I loved that! I know that it is not very gentlemanly of him but it did demonstrate how he treated her as his equal while on a mission. 

Faith, Love & The Coastguard
by Julie Anne Lindsey
Poor Faith being the youngest of a bunch of brooding brothers. It is a wonder the women ever gets to date. The first meeting between Faith and Seth was a classic attraction that I never get tired of. I read romance to gobble this stuff up. I have not read a story with a Coastguard before and I'd love to have read a full story with Faith and Seth. I was sad when it was over. 

Knight in Armor
by Jennifer Anderson
Awesome story. Isabella and Mark had me cheering for them the moment they met on that stranded road. Mark came off as a quiet type of man but he oozed alpha. The series of coincidences that had to happen for them to get to the next step all came off as believable. Everything fell in line and it was apparent that Izzy and Mark had some pretty amazing chemistry. Another couple I would have love to have read a full story about. 

Lightning Always Strikes Twice
by Patricia Marie Warren
What a lovely story to wrap up this great anthology. Wyatt and Audrey have a history going back to when she was just seven years old. It is so sweet when a little girl has a crush that stays with her all her years. War changes people but through it all, Wyatt's love for Audrey remained true. 

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