Thursday, August 25, 2011

Behind O'Grady‟s Pub by Stormy Knight

Behind O'Grady's Pub 
By Stormy Knight
A Sapphire Nights Dirty Bit

Book Blurb:
A woman escapes her home while rising flood waters claim the land. She finds herself stranded in the middle of a swamp without a cell phone or any way to summon help. Two sexy men rescue her and give her refuge in their pub. Do they want more from her than just being an overnight guest? Once the doors of the pub close to the public, everything is a secret—behind O‟Grady‟s Pub.

I have to admit, I'm a fan of the writing style of Stormy Knight. The beginning of Behind O'Grady's Pub was excellent. I really felt I was getting into an awesome story. When Cole Riley came into the picture saving her from her hydroplaned vehicle, I was loving it. What an excellent way to begin a romance story. Oh the possibilities. With all the detailed descriptions it was easy for me to immediately connect with Eve Denton's voice. I was thinking to myself that it was really quick for me to attach myself to a character as I was only a few pages in. 

That is where the story declined for me. Behind O'Grady's Pub is a menage story (which I love to read) but it didn't work for me here. The introductory bar scene where the newly introduced  character Ian had made her an Irish Coffee while flirting was great. However when the trio went out to the back room, the heat cooled for me. 

There was such a great connection at the beginning of the story that I almost felt cheated that the three of them immediately became intimate. I wanted a story. I wanted it to be more. I feel like I am almost scolding the author for being to good of a writing to turn this into a Dirty Bit story. 

As the story drew to a close and when Ian displayed some surprising emotions, I got turned off. He'd only met Eve for a few minutes and then started having sex. It was unwarranted. 

I know the premise of these Dirty Bits are to be short hot stories but I didn't feel the heat or passion and definitely wanted more of the romance story. 

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