Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three-Way Games by Cheryl Dragon

Three-Way Games 

by Cheryl Dragon

Reviewed by my guest reviewer Julie Doner

Book blurb: 
When the lights go out secrets are uncovered. Steph has a phobia about the dark and runs across the hall into the arms of her gay best friends. This sexy pair of gamers have backup power and her naked form programmed into their latest video creation on a huge TV screen. Their secret lust for her revealed, the passionate exploration heats up. Safe in the dark with her men, Steph doesn’t care if the lights ever come back on!

Is there a woman alive who hasn’t fantasized about a three-way? When the lights go out one night, Stephanie Kissle has that and more with her best friends and neighbours, Nate and Elliot. She seeks shelter in their apartment, and that’s when the games really begin.

Stephanie soon realises that she bears a striking resemblance to the heroine in the video game the duo are creating. Let me just say that I LOVE the idea of the video game. If one such as this existed, I’d be the first in line to buy a copy. Or two.

Nate and Elliot are sexy, sexy men with brains to go along with their brawn. They quickly open things up for a night of fun, fantasy, and fire. And Stephanie is more than willing to go along for the ride.

In the light of day, it becomes apparent that it was more than a one-night three-way fling. Things quickly heat up again resulting in a satisfying conclusion.

This was a fun, light read, but I found it lacking in several areas. I craved more emotion in the dialogue. It was hard to connect with the characters when I couldn’t feel what they were feeling. There wasn’t enough depth or description. Reading particularly steamy scenes, I want to feel like I’m a fly on the wall, but for the most part I felt completely detached from the action. It was a very interesting premise; I just needed more build-up and intensity.
An entertaining read but not a page-turner.

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