Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guilty Pleasure #9 - Boom Socks!

There are a few other bloggers that are doing these Guilty Pleasure posts as well. It all started with C.J. Duggan and if you want a bunch of smiles, circle back to her site and see the comments to read other pleasures.

Currently in Canada it is summer. It is sweltering hot and we are setting record high temperatures daily. It's hot here dammit! Hot I tell ya. Hot! However even though our grass is brown and our lakes feel like bath water, my feet refuse to believe I am not walking on ice. Ever since I was a little kid my feet have been cold. I do however have a cure of my feet of ice. Oh yes! My Guilty Pleasure this week are Boom Socks!

Ok, you're probably asking yourself, 'what the hell are Boom socks'. Well allow me to elaborate. The name Boom socks goes back a few years so I'm trying to remember correctly how it all came about. 

I have a bunch of wonderful on-line friends. Really the best friends a girl could ever ask for. When we first met each other on-line we had long secretive screen names. You can never be sure who you're going to  meet on the other end so nobody used their real name on-line. Well this one friend had a very long screen name, so we shortened it to Boom. 
For Christmas one year, she bought a bunch of us these amazing socks from Bath & Body Works. At the time my town in Canada didn't have a Bath & Body Works and we certainly never had these amazing Aloe filled soft bundles of warmth. When I tried on my first pair, my feet had thought they had died and gone to foot heaven. Going forward those amazing Bath & Body Works socks affectionately became known as Boom socks. So much so, I haven't a clue what they are really called. 

Fast forward a few years and a half dozen of these beauties later, our town finally opened a Bath & Body Works. I rushed right in, ignored the coco-nutty scents calling me from all the corners and I immediately walked up to a sales lady and breathlessly asked, "Oh do you sell Boom socks?"

She promptly told me, "ah no" but I had seen them just passed her shoulder and pointed with my finger and exclaimed in some sort of outrage that she was keeping me from my Boom socks and yelled, "RIGHT THERE!"

See the thing is, I was so used to calling them Boom socks, I completely forgot what they were actually called and acted all mortified that the Bath & Body Works staff had never heard of Boom socks. 

I realized the error of my ways (as I seen her back slowly away from me) and apologized. I bought a few pairs and left quickly. Incidentally the real name for these socks are 'Fragrance & Shea-Infused Lounge socks'. I just looked it up. Yeah I agree, Boom socks are totally a better name. 

Here is a snap shot of my various Boom socks and a few of my Betty socks added in for good measure. Ah Betty, she could be another Guilty Pleasure post but we shall leave that for another day. 

Have you tried these Boom socks from Bath & Body Works or a store like that? Will you start to call them Boom socks now too? Does your feet have a love affair with warm and fuzzy socks? 


Laurie said...

Ah yes, the joys of BOOM socks (In my head and fingers BOOM is always capitalized.)I have the pleasure of owning pairs too. I'm a barefoot kind of gal, rarely wearing shoes and socks unless I'm working, but got to say I make the exception for BOOOm socks.
Oh by the way, it's a good thing you didn't ask the sales lady for BOOM sauce.

C.J Duggan said...

I suffer from cold feet too, infact I am a freak of nature! Blocks of ice always! I call them bed socks, but I much prefer BOOM socks and I love how it came about being called that. It's hysterical how you nick name something and forget and then people give you that blank look. Hehe....Great post! I need a better selection of socks me thinks, gotta keep those feet warm.

Julie said...

Oh, I'm a sock lover (read hoarder) too. My feet are never seen without them. Toe socks are my go-to socks, but Boom socks are right up there for me as well. And the best thing? I can get both in one! That's right. I currently own a pair of Boom toe socks. Life is good! :)

Margaret said...

Boom socks! I live for my Boom socks! They are my reward after a hard day. Even now, when the temp is expected to reach 108 with a heat index of 120, I look forward to this evening when I will slip my air-conditioning chilled tootsies into my Boom socks. Perhaps tonight I'll wear the turquoise pair...

I'm a little particular about my Boom socks, though. I only have Boom socks that came directly from Boom. It's our special connection for those days when I'm not online to virtually tongue kiss her. :)

Yes, Boom socks are a pleasure, but I don't think you have any reason to feel guilty!

Unknown said...

Very cute post! It made me giggle. I completely agree that Boom Socks is a way better name! I also suffer from eternally cold feet so maybe I'll have to check these socks out for myself! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sound of them... I adore those soft, cuddly socks - we're in winter here so would be perfect... a shame we don't have a Bath & Body Works in Australia... I have a huge draw of just socks too hehe

Unknown said...

Yeah for the Boom socks!

Thank you all for your comments. *pets my Boom socks*

Julie said...

My feet are loving that I don't need socks. In fact, got caught in that crazy downpour yesterday and my feet felt cold - so I put on socks. They felt so strange on my feet! LOL Funny about that because I always wear socks around the house during the colder months. I love your collection. They look very cozy. :)