Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Guilty Pleasure - Lisa Mondello's Blasting Music

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had the chance to welcome a guest host. Well that's about to change because today I am pleased to welcome author Lisa Mondello to tell you all about her love of loud music. (I can sure relate!)

I want to thank  for having me as a guest blogger today.  I’m excited to tell you about my book, THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT, book 2 in my Fate with a Helping Hand series.  As a thank you for visiting, I am giving away a free e-copy of THE KNIGHT AND MAGGIE’S BABY, book 3 in my Fate with a Helping Hand series, to one lucky commenter.  So don’t be shy.  Leave a comment for a chance to win!

As much as I loved living in Boston, I realize I could never live in the city permanently.  If I did, I’d be arrested for disturbing the peace all the time.  I love to listen to loud music.  Not just “loud” music.  I’m talking window-rattling loud music.  Someone is always telling me to turn down the music. 

I’m lucky I live in the middle of nowhere.  You’d think that would give me the opportunity to blast music all day while I do housework or write.  But that doesn’t always work.  In fact, for a long period of time while my kids were young, the only thing that played in my house was Disney.  Now I love Disney, too, and there was a time when The Lion King would play multiple times a day to the point where I could recite the entire movie verbatim.  But that was when my kids were young and Disney ruled my television and my car stereo. 

On the day my youngest daughter climbed the school bus stairs to go to kindergarten, she didn’t even give me a backward glance.  She was ready to go and I wasn’t.  When the bus drove away, I cried the whole way walking down the driveway to the house.  And then I turned on the stereo and blasted music for 4 solid hours until the bus dropped her off at lunch!  It was great!  No one asking me to put on Disney.  No one telling me to turn down the music.  I listened Elton John, Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde and a whole lot more! 

I’ve revisited this many times while the kids were in school. I don’t always listen at the eardrum splitting level.  And I haven’t had to listen to Disney in a long time. My kids and I talk music and share what we like and don’t like.   

If I’m writing, the music sets the mood and fades to the background.  I always make a soundtrack with every book.  When I get up to get a coffee, I may dance my way to the pot.  (I’ve been bagged by the UPS man because I don’t hear him coming to the door to drop off a package.  I’m good for a chuckle if you stop by unexpected!) 

But now that my baby is graduating high school, nothing has changed.  I’m still getting yelled at to turn down the music.  I’d love to live in Boston again.  But it’s safer here in the boondocks where I can listen to music at near rock concert volume!

Tell me, what do you like to blast away and listen to? 

Lisa Mondello is the best selling author of 13 published books. 

She currently writes for Harlequin Love Inspired Romance and is collaborating with a film producer/screenwriter on a screenplay. 

She loves to hear from readers.  You can email her at, find her on her blog talking about writing, movies and music at or chat on Twitter at @LisaMondello 


Julie said...

Hi, Lisa! I can totally relate to this, and I'm SO with you on the Elton John love! lol. My favourite place to blast music is in my van. And it's not CDs or the radio I'm blasting . . . It's cassette tapes. Yep, my van only has a tape player, but that baby can crank out the music like no other.

I grew up in the country--literally in the middle of nowhere--and whenever my parents would go out and I had the place to myself I'd pump out the tunes on their stereo so damn loud the entire house would vibrate. And don't even get me started on the spastic dancing that would accompany it. ;)

Great post!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for hosting today. I need to be in the mood for a loud blasting music. I love blasting my GLEE CD in my car and having a wee concert with myself.
When I was younger and I had a pool, I'd blast classical music while I cleaned the pool. I am not a classical music fan but having it blasting outside was like an outdoor concert.

Thanks again for stopping by and good luck with your books,

Margaret said...

Hi Lisa! Loved your post. My husband rues the day I bought my new car because it came with satellite radio. I quickly dicovered the New Wave and 80s stations, and I've been reliving my teen years ever since. Just yesterday I popped open the sunroof, rolled down the windows, and jammed New Order all the way home from work.

Your books look fantastic. I'm adding you to my TBR list!

Unknown said...

For some reason poor Lisa's comments are not showing up. She has left 2 comments but they are lost in blogland somewhere. Her response was:

Hmm, I left a comment earlier and it didn't show. There is a ghost afoot!

Thank you all for coming and thank you Michelle for hosting me today!

The secret is out. I'm a music fanatic to the core.

Julie, way back when I had a Ford Escort hatchback. Totally uncool care for me at the time but since I was managing a Boston rock band, it was practical. Best thing about it was the Blaupunkt stereo! I would go driving just to listen to music!

Margaret, satellite radio? Must put that in on wish list!