Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 2 - Fruit

Photo a Day Challenge Day 2

Well as I try to incorporate a bookish theme into this challenge, I have to say that with Day 2 I already started to struggle. How does one incorporate "FRUIT" into a book theme?

Well this was one way. 

Well it's a stretch I'd admit. I have the Twilight series but have yet to read it. I haven't really ventured into the  YA genre as I do prefer my books to be more adult and not with sparkly vampires but I will get around to it some time...I think. 

Have you read them? Was this a good way to incorporate "Fruit" LOL


Margaret said...

I have read them. I actually enjoyed the first one - as for the rest, you're better off eating a piece of fruit. And that's coming from me...

Unknown said...

Well if you recommend fruit over the books I'll still with a real apple. lol

Christine said...

Well done on a book rep for "Fruit"! Your book theme came to mind yesterday. I could only think of two of our books right off the bat...James Lee Burke's Black Cherry Blues and Carrie Vaughn's Discord's Apple. I didn't even think of cover art regardless of whether or not there was a fruit in the title.

As far as the Twilight series, I was given the set as a gift (it had been on my wishlist). But after trying to watch the movies (eugh.), my desire to read them is about nil. I would really like to read The Hungry Games prior to seeing the film.