Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 7 - Something You Wore

Day 7's challenge was "Something You Wore" 
I decided to go with the Sock Hop outfit I wore last year during the Lori Foster Reader/Writer convention. The weekend was fabulous and I am really looking forward to this June to attend again. 

In the photo from left to right - Me, my friend Julie and author Margaret Ethridge. 

Have you been to a writing/author event of some sort? Did you have a blast and meet some really awesome people? 


Christine said...

How fun, Michelle! If I didn't do the Zoo Gallery tshirts, I was going to gather my shirts that promote authors or author events. I went to my first big author event in 2010- the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It's an annual event open to all. I had an absolute BLAST! Met friends in person that I'd only known through websites and social media, made new friends and met authors both familiar and new to me. Wonderful. Forever got me hooked. I missed LATFoB last year, but I've made it to Bouchercon the last 2 years and plan to go again this year. (It moves year to year. This year is Cleveland.)

Margaret said...

Love it! Well, I don't love the size of my hips in that picture, but I loved hanging out with you guys at RAGT11 and I can't wait for RAGT12!

Julie said...

We're the sexiest sock hop girls evah! :)