Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 12 - Fork

Today's photo challenge word is "FORK". 

The only "FORK" I could think of for a book theme was the constant fork in the road I take whether to read a book Kindle or paper. 

This decision happened recently with A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I opted for my Kindle. The hardcover is just too heavy. (although I did it once)

What about you? ebook vs paper. What would win if you have the take the fork in the road? 


Christine said...

So far, I'd say 99% of the books I've downloaded to the Kindle/iBook apps on my iPhone/iPad have been items only available in ebook form. Reading an actual book is my first choice, but when traveling I can now get away with only bringing one book and have others in ebook or audible form. It's funny that ABoSaA is your example. That was probably the first book that I had in more than one form...the hardback and the large paperback of that same book. I just won't bring myself to ditch the ppbk...I can reread the book and not feel bad if I bend the spine too much, etc. ;)

Andrea said...

E-books win for me, I love my nook. The only time I choose paper is for books I will want to reference back to like cookbooks and gardening books.