Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 6 - 5PM

Okay I admit today's photo is a reach when it comes to my bookish theme. What we have above is a picture I took at 5 pm a few days ago of my bedside table alarm clock. 
What's interesting that you can't really see very well in the picture is my iPod and I have it set to what I wake up to every single morning. It's Outlander the Musical. There is nothing like waking up to the beautiful voice of Allan Scott-Douglas
Oh here is a wee sample:

ahhhh so peaceful. 

Have you heard this amazing CD? What do you wake up to? A loud Beep-Beep or soft music? 


Julie said...

I am really enjoying these posts Michelle! Quite the challenge and so far, you are rising to it! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Julie!