Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 11 - Someone You Talked to Today

hummmm Today's word is "SOMEONE YOU TALKED TO TODAY"
This one is hard only because I've made this challenge book themed. In fact as I look at the second half of this challenge list, it looks like this list is going to get harder and harder to keep book themed. 
Another reason this word is hard is because I am allergic to the phone. I really really hate talking on the phone. 
So I'm gonna have to go with the Twitter mode of communication today. 

Here is a screen cap of my Twitter conversation with...well I'm sure he needs no introduction. 

For reals...It happened. Honestly. Just for me Colin reverts back to his Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy character. 

I am sure he tweeted me from his phone while daydreaming about me. I am sure of it. 


Margaret said...

I admire and love you ardently and passionately too! Don't I count?

Andrea Murdock said...

shut up. was it really him? I am filled with jealous rage ;)

Unknown said...

Oh yes Margaret you count!

Haha Andrea no. I played with "Paint" to make my dream come true. A girl can only wish though eh.

Christine said...

Ha! Well played, Ms. Kelly. Well played. <3 Colin Firth.

Harriet Schultz said...

(big sigh) Colin Firth. The man is delicious. Did I mention charming? I'll fight you for him!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I admit to having a wee bit of fun with this one today.

Julie said...

I love this one! Totally made me laugh. LOL :)