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Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh

Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changelings, Book 7)Dev and Katya’s book

Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changelings, Book 7)

By Nalini Singh

Book Blurb:
Dev Santos finds a woman with amnesia-and all she can remember is that she's dangerous. Stripped of her memories by a shadowy oppressor and programmed to kill, Katya's only hope is Dev. But he could very well be her next target.

**This review is written with expectation that you have already read the series**

Well hell. I did not expect that from Blaze of Memory. First I had to remember who Dev was because I honestly didn’t remember him from previous books. Then I started to read the story and it all came back to me. Dev was Tally’s boss from the Shine Corporation found in Mine to Possess. Oh yeeaaah I remember now.  

So now that I remembered who Dev was I started to get into Blaze of Memory and  I was wondering where the packs are as they were noticeably absent? Where are the wolves? Where are the felines? Blaze of Memory focuses on Phy and the “Forgotten” (Phy/humans). I missed the forest dwellers but Blaze of Memory was still a thrilling and sad story. Yep sad.  There may or may not have been misty eyes near the end of the book. I will not give spoilers. 

As much as this book series are paranormal books, there are a lot of mystery too. There are many twists and turns that by the time you get as far into the series as I am now (book 7), you just have to continue to find out what is going to happen to the world.  

I am not sure if I was missing something or not but I was very confused on what was driving Katya’s need to go north to Sunshine, Alaska. I can’t quite figure out the connection there so if I am missing something, please feel free to comment to help me understand.  

Katya and Dev were a great couple together and I enjoyed reading all about them. Even though the pair was not a changeling cat or wolf, there was enough of an interesting storyline there to hold my complete attention. I was routing for them and the horror of what Katya experienced under Ming’s power broke my heart. I love when Nalini sets the reader up thinking there is no way out of the PhyNet or for there to be a happy ending, and then something unexpected happens. I love it because it’s not predictable. 

I’m impressed by how Nalini Singh is developing the children in this series. She could easily turn out a spin off series with these gifted children. In Blaze of Memory it especially laid out an interesting floor plan.
Let’s see, you have:

Kit (as future alpha of cats)
Sienna – (Judd’s niece and her mysterious X-Phy)
Nate and Tammy’s cubs – Roman & Julian
Tally & Clay – Noor and Jon
Ashaya & Dorian – Keenan
Judd’s niece and nephew – Marlee & Toby
Dev’ nephew that’s being trained by Judd – William
Sascha & Lucas’ baby - ?

I don’t think I have l left anyone off the list above (up until this book) but feel free to comment if I have. So besides Blaze of Memory having a really ugly cover, it was an excellent read and I can’t wait to continue on!

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