Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lifetime to Find Love by Ava Riley

A Lifetime to Find LoveTessa and Cade's book

A Lifetime to Find Love 

By Ava Riley 

Book Blurb:
Tessa has no desire to spend another Friday night alone. Inviting her brother’s best friend, Cade, to hang out with her at a local club was nothing more than a night out with a friend. At least that’s what she thought. When unexpected advances are made, they are both forced to evaluate their life- long friendship and newly revealed feelings for each other. Can Tessa accept that someone as sexy and successful as Cade could want her for more than sex? Will their friendship continue on as it was or will these two find a love that lasts a lifetime?

First I want to mention how awesome it was that the author mentioned in her dedication a shout out to her English teacher telling all who would read A Lifetime to Find Love how much she appreciated her as a teacher. I love that Ava Riley included that inspiration.

A Lifetime to Find Love is a classic romance with some intimate scenes sweetened to increase the heat factor. I’ve often indicated in my reviews how much I love when the protagonists share a long history and Tessa and Cade go all the way back to early childhood. I love that they’ve been a part of each other lives for decades.  

Tessa is a completely relatable character. I connected with her immediately. I could relate to her need to be organised and controlled, and I loved how much she got along with her brother. Tessa earned my respect on how she handled a late night phone call from Cade when it was dialled from a bar. It was awesome that even though she wanted him, she didn’t give in and fold like a lovesick female.  

Cade was perfect. Maybe even too perfect. I usually like my male characters a little flawed but he continued to be the male version of perfection. A Lifetime to Find Love is all about the journey of Cade and Tessa admitting to each other how much they love one another. There is no conflict and if you want a soft romantic story, A Lifetime to Find Love is for you. There is heat in the love scenes but honestly, the story didn’t need it. The story is a love affair right from the most perfectly enchanted first date I have ever read down to the champagne and strawberry ending.


Ava Riley said...

Thank you Michelle, I'm glad you enjoyed it :).

Unknown said...

This sounds awesome too. Thanks for a great review. Donna.

Unknown said...

Where is this book available? Thanks.

Ava Riley said...

Thank you Donna. You can download A Lifetime to Find Love, along with it's sequel Sacred Surrender at,, or :)

Have a great weekend.