Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - A Novel Idea

I have seen a few people on Facebook take this challenge and it looks like fun. I am going to try and put a book spin on it. Basically I have a list and I need to post a picture a day about what has been assigned. 

Well the first day, March 1st is "UP". So here is my picture. The majority of my books are UP on top of my closet. 

Where do you keep your books? 


Suzie said...

Neat idea! Looking forward to seeing your pics. :)
I like your UP pic.

Christine said...

After renting for a couple of years, we just moved into a house of our very own. So we think, "Great! We can unpack ALL of the books!" Er...we're going to need more bookshelves. Also realized how much of our decor is in the form of books! ;)

Great photo and use of the closet shelves, Michelle. Since my blog is in deep (DEEP) hibernation, I'm posting my photos on Twitter and in an album on Facebook. I agree Judy Jongsma Bobalik (another participant on FB), when she said, "I like this (challenge) to see how everyone interprets the days assignment."

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

I'll have to look out for your pictures too Christine. I love seeing how they are all interpreted too.