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Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich

Three to Get Deadly

By Janet Evanovich

Book Blurb:
As readers of Janet Evanovich's two previous books about funny, feisty, family-tied bounty hunter Stephanie Plum already know, she operates in "the burg"--a "comfy residential chunk of Trenton, New Jersey, where houses and minds are proud to be narrow and hearts are generously wide open." On this turf, Plum fights for justice and fashion points--this time in pursuit of a beloved neighborhood candystore owner who seems to be moonlighting as an anti-drug vigilante. Evanovich now lives in New Hampshire, but authentic affection for Trenton energizes her prose. Plums in paperback include One for the Money and Two for the Dough.

Three to Get Deadly is a cleverly written mystery. Out of the first 3 books, Three to Get Deadly has more of an investigative approach. I remember reading this book the first time around and being completely surprised on the turnout of events regarding the villain and the so called villain. Janet Evanovich does a great job toying with the readers on whether or not to support vigilantism. She makes good points on both sides of the debate. I found myself one minute cheering for the vigilantes and then the next page completely changing my mind and confirming with myself that this sort of stuff should be left to the police and proper justice.

Best part of Three to Get Deadly for me was lots of Lula. As a secondary character, she is my favourite. I know that many fans would put Grandma Mazur in that spot but for me it is all about the crazy antics and the voice of Lula. She makes me laugh and as Stephanie’s sidekick she is perfectly written. Some of the best scenes in this story involved Lula. The scene where Jackie shoots her already dead boyfriend and then Lula, Jackie and Stephanie race to get out of the parking lot almost crashing into each other is priceless. I can picture that whole scene like I was standing on a balcony watching it unfold out in front of me. Although that is a great scene, picturing the dead guys legs sticking out from Lula’s truck with a flower flag tied around his ankles leaves me laughing out loud. To top it all off with Lula having the runs and then stopping off at Joe Morelli’s house, left my side hurting from laughter.

Speaking of Joe Morelli, he was not in this book as much as the previous. They weren’t so much a “team” in this book but more cop & bounty hunter occasionally working together. Janet did a good job writing Morelli as it was increasing becoming obvious Joe’s character was changing. He has a house now and has curbed down the flirtatious advances. That is not to say that we weren’t treated to a rather steamy kitchen rendezvous. Drunk/tipsy Stephanie is such a hoot. The fact she threw up on him at the end was hilarious. You have to admire Morelli’s care and concern for her as he made sure she ended up safe at home and he didn’t take advantage of her. Again, more evidence his character’s feeling towards Stephanie was changing.

Ranger was in Three to Get Deadly a bit more allowing us a little more insight to his character. We are now aware of his “superhero” persona and his mysteriousness. Some great Ranger lines were, “You come from a long line of scary women” when he referenced the dinner invitation. The dinner itself was so funny with Grandma Mazur and her bluntness. As well this particular line really describes Ranger the best, “I come in like the fog on little cat feet” *squeeee* oh sorry, I was having a moment there.

And finally Stephanie....I love this girl. She is still a bumbling bounty hunter but I love her. She is incredibly lucky but smart too. She was the one who figured out the proper angle of the crime. It kinda annoys me when Morelli puts her down but I suppose that is his cover for how much he is starting to care for her. I had to laugh out loud when Ranger took her on a bust and she got the big bear of man and yelled out, “Hey Big Boy”. What was even funnier was that Ranger heard the entire thing. I love how Janet writes Stephanie. Stephanie is the kind of girl you want for a friend. She is non-judgmental and her head is on straight. What other girl do you know that can accidentally get her hair the colour of Bozo Clown Orange but not let is slow her down. Her attitude is what I adore the most. I know that she must be incredibly pretty but she is not written as such. (Does that line even make sense?) I guess what I mean is she is written so down to Earth that you can’t help but love her.

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I have never read this author. Someone just mentioned her to me the other day. Mysteries are my favorite so I will have to check her out! Thanks!