Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Bets Are On by Various TMP Authors

All Bets Are On!

All Bets Are On

Various Turquoise Morning Press Authors – Cheryl Norman, Jan Scarbrough, Margaret Ethridge, Christina Wolfer, Shanon Grey and Krista Ames

Book Blurb:
Romance ~ Mystery ~ Murder
Some might say placing (and winning!) a win, place and show bet-a trifecta-is the triple threat of racing, and to the winner goes the spoils. In this Kentucky Derby themed short story collection, All Bets Are On! the trifecta may include romance, mystery and even murder! We're betting you'll find a story or two to savor as you sip a mint julep, study the daily racing form, and pick out your Derby hat. We hope you enjoy.

Remember My Love by Cheryl NormanA very quick story of forgiveness and second chances. Don’t let the one you love get away from you.

The Winner by Jan ScarbroughI completely loved The Winner. I’d love the author to do a follow up story. I really liked the introduction of the character’s past and that it gave the reader a chance to recognize that the two had history. It was priceless the way the author wrote the detailed description of what Regina was wearing and what she was driving to pick up Parker Stuart from the airport. These two seem to be an unlikely pair and I’d love to read how they handle the Richlawn Estate together as a couple.
“Does everyone in Kentucky drive this fast?”
“Until we get caught.” LOL

 Going the Distance by Margaret EthridgeMy favourite of the anthology. I’ve been following Jack and Ellie in all the Turquoise Morning Press anthologies and probably that was my reason for buying this book. I love this couple. Very sneaky Ms. Ethridge ending the story on a moment when they declared their “I love yous”. Well it’s a good thing I already have their stand-alone book “The Feeling is Pari-Mutuel" to read right away.

As Luck Would Have It by Christina WolferThe story starts out “Jack Warsaw was a mean son of a bitch” and he was. I was wanting to take a horse crop from his hands and whip him. No, not in a sexy kinky way. Just the cruel way he whipped his horses. Well Jack turns up dead the morning of the Kentucky Derby and there is no shortage of suspects. I enjoyed this little mystery and it's cast.

Glynda’s Dare by Shanon GreyGlynda’ Dare was like a smooth sultry Country and Western song. I loved it. Alot. Check out this amazing line that I saved to my clippings, “he looked into her eyes not saying a word but saying everything.” Yep I loved this awesome little story. I completely loved the ending too. I was sad when it was over.

Whiskey’s Sweet Revenge by Krista AmesA feisty vet and a race horse owner are thrown together by a father’s meddling. Great character matches and nice winning ending.


Shanon Grey said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review of All Bets Are On! and of Glynda's Dare. You are so sweet and I am glad you enjoyed those two characters. Can't wait for you to get your hands on The Shoppe of Spells, my paranormal romance, due out the end of this month. Thanks again.

Margaret said...

Thanks so much! You are far too good to me!

Unknown said...

My pleasure ladies! Great stories so it wasn't hard to review favourable!

Unknown said...

Let me add to the thanks for a wonderful review of "All Bets Are On". It was an honor to be in the mix of these other fab authors and I am thrilled you enjoyed "As Luck Would Have It".