Monday, June 6, 2011

Mr. Smith's Whip by Brynn Paulin

Colin and Livvy's book

Mr. Smith’s Whip

Brynn Paulin

Book Blurb:
Librarian Olivia McKinnion's life rarely changes as she oversees the Brandywine community library and archives, but when Colin Smith takes up residence to research his latest book, everything changes. She's heard whispers of Mr. Smith's whip and his dominant ways-whispers that make her tremble with need for her secret wishes to be fulfilled. And more than anything, she wants Colin to show her the darker side of sex, bent over his knee and begging for more.

First I want to give a shout out to Les Byerley who is responsible for the beautiful cover art on Brynn Paulin’s Taboo series & Daly Way series. I am not sure if he does her other books too, but these are the best covers.

Second I will start off with high praise of Mr. Smith’s Whip. I have a huge back log of books to read for reviews and I ended up taking the time to read Mr. Smith’s Whip twice. I loved it that much. I finished it, then promptly turned around and read it again. I will no doubt re-read again another time.

The cover art makes me tingle. It looks kinda scary and yet so erotic. That is precisely how I felt reading Mr. Smith’s Whip anticipating the whipping scene. The whipping is the big ending and I don’t think I am ruining the story by saying so. Excellent build up along the way.

Olivia has led a sexually unsatisfying life. She craves the BDSM habits and she wants to dabble and try out the lifestyle but her efforts with previous boyfriends had all but fizzled. There’s nothing worse than being a submissive and having to tell a man what he needs to do.

After an embarrassing daydream witnessed by Colin, he picked up on her queues and approached Olivia with a few simple tests. Colin is private and didn’t want to jeopardize anything by making any incorrect assumptions.

Colin *sigh* oh Colin. With his English accent and his commanding presence I have a new book boyfriend. Even though Colin is a Dom he had a wee bit of insecurity and I wanted to protect him. I found him to be incredibly sexy. I love that he shortened Olivia’s name to “Livvy” as it portrayed an immediate comfort between the soon to be lovers. The way he crawled in bed with her when she was sick made me swoon.

I loved that Colin took her to the restaurant, La Maison, because he didn’t just want a Slave/Master relationship. He wanted to know her and wanted to know all about her like a regular date. Although if you read Mr. Smith’s Whip, the La Maison dinner did not turn out like a regular date *fans self* While at La Maison for dinner, they had a great chat about expectations, safe words and boundary lines. I really liked that Colin clearly wanted to know this information from Livvy and that Olivia felt free and comfortable to say her peace. Especially that she did not want to be shared with another man. I did melt a little more when Colin says, “No sharing, poppet. Just me.”

Once again this Taboo Wishes story included “The Dungeon” and that is where most of the arousing action occurs.  Mr. Smith’sWhip had so much erotic hotness that I don’t know where to start with my praise. Interestingly enough one of my favourite scenes involves Colin watching from behind a monitor not even touching Livvy. The sexy voyeurism scene involved Livvy and another woman sub, Syb. I’m not usually a big fan of F/F but their time together was sexy and since Colin was watching, it raised the heat level. I’d love to read more about the two of them together with Colin.

Like most stories there is a villain you love to hate and in this case the jerk is a library co-worker wannabe Dom named Todd.  I loved to hate him and all his nastiness and it just put Colin on a higher pedestal. I am glad that Colin disliked him as well because what I have read in other D/s books, the sub never wants to embarrass her Dom by not following directions from another Dom. It was perfect that Brynn Paulin wrote and made their situation clear in the expectations conversation at La Maison.

There are still many other things I loved about Mr. Smith’s Whip but my review is getting to long. That tends to happen when I give out 5 heart reviews. If you like the D/s style of books, you’ll love this book and many of the others that Brynn Paulin writes.


Brynn Paulin said...

I'm so humbled by your review. Thank you so much for reading Mr. Smith and writing about him. Syb will be getting her own book soon -- one of Colin's friends is her Dom :-)

Bronwyn Green said...

I'm with you on the Amazing Read and Future Re-read status of this book. I LOVE Mr. Smith's Whip. Colin is one of my very favorite of all Brynn's heroes - of course, it's hard to pick just one - lol!