Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sorelle’s Orgasm by Ingrid Michaels

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Sorelle’s Orgasm
By Ingrid Michaels

Book Blurb:
When Sorelle’s Saturday shopping is interrupted by Witman, an artist who claims he just has to capture her wonderful bone structure, she thinks she‟s heard better pickup lines. She agrees to pose for him because her horoscope told her she would have an adventurous day, and who is she to pass up an afternoon romp? But the handsome bohemian really does want her to pose for him! As the painting session goes on and Witman's sensuous brushstrokes push her over the edge, a desperate Sorelle must eventually take matters into her own hands.

Sorelle’s Orgasm is a sensual paranormal romance that left me wanting more. I found Witman’s posing and painting of Sorelle extremely sensual. It was like a long exaggerated foreplay session. No wonder poor Sorelle had to take a break and hide into the washroom to touch herself and give her buzzing body some much needed relief.

With beautiful artisan type descriptions Witman craftfully takes Sorelle where she needs to go. Excellent ending to a beautifully sensual story. I love the little paranormal twist at the end.

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