Monday, June 6, 2011

Yuletide Greetings by Brynn Paulin

Yuletide Greetings

Brynn Paulin

Book Blurb:

Zach Colvin never believed in Santa Claus, so filling in as Santa at the mall for one of his friends is not making his holiday bright. He’s supposed to be on vacation, not working. When his brother promises to send him a package full of holiday cheer, he never expected it to be a near-naked woman.

Kate Morgan has made a mistake. After many emails, she’s meeting a man for a near-anonymous hook up, but she's stunned to find a different man opening the front door—a man with a determined grin, mesmerizing eyes, and a naughty penchant for spanking.

Christmas in June!! Well it sure felt like Christmas when Brynn Paulin herself sent me Yuletide Greetings & Mr. Smith’s Whip to review. I have long adored Brynn Paulin’s erotic work so I jumped at the opportunity to review these little gems.

If you are not familiar with Brynn’s erotic books, you should bring up her name on Goodreads and see all the amazing stories she has available. I am very partial to the Taboo Wishes series and Yuletide Greetings is book 3. 

Zach and Kate are perfect for each other. Zach is just what Kate needs and visa versa. Both of them work in an industry that requires them to be sexually discreet so it’s very difficult to meet the person of your dreams.

Kate is involved with the children’s book industry so you can imagine trying to demonstrate prudence and circumspection when all you want to do is bend over a lover’s knee and get spanked.  Likewise Zach is a school principal and what he wants to act out sexually wouldn’t sit well with PTA. Lonely during the holiday season, Zach begrudgingly volunteers his time to act out as Santa at the local mall.

 A misunderstanding of sorts lands Kate literally on Zach’s doorstep. Once Zach opens his front door, even though he is wearing the Santa suit, he’s thinking Santa has just delivered him the present he had on his own naughty list. Immediately the pair connect and the chill outside soon turns to blazing hot when Kate gives in to her desires and submits to Zach.

I love that even though Brynn Paulin books are erotica there is always this amazing chemistry and story that goes into each one of her books. Zach and Kate were aware and attracted to each other prior to the doorstep encounter so the foundation existed  for a budding romance. Both characters are slightly flawed with their own insecurities and as a couple they seems to melt away. However when Kate’s insecurities get the best of her, Zach won’t allow it and punishes her in the most sexy way *big smile*

Yuletide Greetings is super hot and there is no need to wait for the Christmas season to read how creative Zach can be with a candy cane.

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It's definitely my pleasure to have you read and write about my books!! Thank you!!