Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures #3 - Painted Toes

This week’s Guilty Pleasure is more of a confession with only a smidgen of guilt associated with it.  I suppose the only guilt is really how much I spend monthly on this little pleasure.
I love pedicures. I adore soaking my feet in warm scented bubbles that sooth my aching feet. (It's a bit of a reprieve to my aching toesies that have been crammed into dressy shoes all week). I anticipate the massage chair and I especially love the butt massaging part. *wink wink* Yes, there may or may not be groaning involved. 

I have a regular place I go and I love the merchants there. It’s a place where everybody knows my name, and they're always glad I came. *queue Cheers theme*.

It’s a total funfest picking out which colour I’ll have donned on my toes. OPI did a great marketing tool with the naming of their colours. “Friar Friar Pants on Fire”, “Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie” and “Makes Men Blush” are just a few names that I want to wear just because their name is awesome. 

I admit to being very ticklish. They know this fact about me and they carefully use the scrub brushy thingy oh so perfect on my heels and foot pads as to not make me squirm in my seat. After all, who wants to be squirming in their seat while the butt massager thing is kneading me?

So just before they apply the OPI colour to my nails, the best part comes. Oh how I love to have my calves slathered with lotion and rubbed in. It. Is. Orgasmic. Yes, I am in a state by this time. Soaked, relaxed, butt massaged and now my calf muscles are being rubbed with gentle caressing thumb pressure.

Once my colour has been applied, it's now time to just sit back and relax. I love my favourite pedicure place because they never rush me out the door. A few weeks ago I posted that my Guilty Pleasure was being alone; well I kill two birds with one stone here because I use these moments as more alone time. With my toes elevated for drying, I recline back with my Kindle and off to my reading zone I go. Then I notice they're about to close and I really do have to go. (Just kidding…kinda)
I’m currently painted with “I’m Not Really a Waitress”.

I have a friend who selected a lovely shade of red, “Colour So Hot it Berns”, because the name was cool. Do you pick out a nail colour based on the name?


C.J Duggan said...

Ahaha "I am not really a waitress" Classic! I would so choose that! and HELLO? Butt massage?? Where is this mystical magical place? Your getting your moneys worth there. You have no idea how AMAZING all the above souds. I am currently wrapped up in a blanky, in front of the fire with slippers, freezing!! (Damn winter Down Under) and oh to have a Kindle in that recliner.....SO jealous! I don't know if you have tapped into my GP this week but if not the whole "Cheers theme song" Freaky!!!!!

Heres mine

Julie said...

You know, I had a bad experience with my first ever pedicure a few years back. It was the girl's first time doing one on her own, and I was her test case. Me, the girl whose feet hadn't seen the light of day in decades. Me, the girl with feet that had been bruised and battered playing every sport imaginable. And as rough as my feet were coming in, they looked even worse going out. So that was it for me.

But damn, you make it sound luxurious. I suppose I should try it again with someone who knows what they're doing. In the meantime, I'll keep forcing my dad to give me his famous foot massages. :)

Vanessa said...

Love it! I love the names... “I’m Not Really a Waitress”...LOL. Makes me want to get my nails done just for the name, although I have a confession...pepare yourselves...I have NEVER had a pedicure...ever!! *Gasp* I am sooo behind the times. :(

Anonymous said...

I've never had a pedicure, but had the best foot and calve massage in Thailand once. And I would totally say yes again to a massage hehe. I would also pick colours by name - love the names... haha. Sounds like you go to a pretty cool place for your pedicures.

Great guilty pleasure.

Sophia (FV) said...

I love this!! I love getting pedis but don't get to do it as often as I like.

Unknown said...

C.J. - that was hilarious that you had the Cheers theme in your blog post today too.

Julie - next time you come for a visit, we are going to my favourite place. You'll get a special treatment!

Lilith - no worries! I didnt get my first until my late 30's and last mother's day was my mom's first. She keeps begging me to take her back. hee hee

Tf - oh man the calf massage is the best. Well besides the butt kneading that is *wink*

Fiction Vixen! Wow thanks for stopping by. Treat yourself and get a pedi now. It is flip flop season here so I was first in line.

Wendy@FabNouveau said...

I adore pedi's Michelle and I love the one you have on now, I too have had it a number of times. I think its the best way to have me time. My favourite colour though, which I even keep in reserve is Frankly Scarlet by Revlon. I dread ever being without it.

Wendy@FabNouveau said...

Madam, you've been nominated for a decadent award, come' on over.

Kristian Alva said...

Thanks for leaving that message on Book Blogs-- I am following. I just got a mani-pedi two days ago. It was heaven. Best, Kristian

Candace said...

I've never in my life had a pedicure, but I know how addicting manicures are so I better just stay away!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm now a new follower to your blog and on twitter.