Monday, June 6, 2011

Nadja Always Pleases by Asher MacDonald

Nadja Always Pleases (an erotic BDSM love story)
Nadja Always Pleases

By Asher MacDonald

I was provided a copy of Nadja Always Pleases by the author who requested a fair and honest review.

Book Blurb:
When Raina came to the gallery opening and saw Nadja's wild, erotic paintings, she fell in love with the work and the artist. Now Nadja is Raina's little wild thing, a kept woman who must submit to both Raina's love and her demands.

Nadja Always Pleases is an erotic story of two women and their love and how that love is expressed through both pleasure and pain. For mature audiences only.

When communicating with the author Asher MacDonald, I told him that I don’t mind reviewing erotic BDSM novels as long as there is no humiliation and there has to be love. From his collection of stories he sent me Nadja Always Pleases.  

NadjaAlways Pleases is a hot little number for the fans of F/F genre. It’s not heavy BDSM and there are strong D/s tendencies. Not a long story and the basis is a sexy little romp in the bedroom between a pair of female lovers.  

Nadja liked boys before Raina so this relationship is her first with a woman. Nadja is clearly happy with her resolve for loving a female as well as being a submissive. Nadja is an artist and as Raina indicates, she becomes a poet when she is horny. Nadja Always Pleases includes some poetic descriptions like, “You turn my tongue into a traveler, and your body is its intrepid adventure” in addition to a bedroom sexy scene.

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