Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guilty Pleasure #8 - Burning the Bra with no political agenda

There are a few other bloggers that are doing these Guilty Pleasure posts as well. It all started with C.J. Duggan and if you want a bunch of smiles, circle back to her site and see the comments to read other pleasures.

It’s been a hard day at work. I walk in the front door, kick my heels into the hall closet and I start to climb my way up the stairs to my bedroom. However I am multitasking as I make my way to the top. I’ve reached around my back and I’m already unclasping the hooks of bondage. By the time I’ve made it to my bedroom door, I’m lighter, I’m more free, yes, I’m now braless. The only thing left to do is to strip off my work clothes and slid into my favourite T-shirt and yoga pants.

My name is Michelle and my Guilty Pleasure is going braless!

When people think TGIF, they’re pleased that the weekend is here. For me that translates into two glorious days of freedom. My girls can be free of straps, lifting, squeezing and tucking. (that sounds a bit like a BDSM device of some sort doesn’t it?)

Sometimes on the weekend if I have to dash out of the house, I weigh in whether or not I can get away without wearing a bra.  If I decide that I do have to put one on, I literally whine to myself, ‘Do I really need to go out?’  Yes, it's an internal battle. The winter season is super easy and it’s a no brainer. My coat will cover me up and any protruding nipples. It’s not like I have huge bosoms but they’re big enough to draw attention if I’m bouncing along the aisles of Wal-Mart.  

I remember when I was about 12 yrs old and all the girls in my class were getting the trainers. (What exactly we were training I’ve no idea) I sooo wanted one. I built up the courage to approach my mom to see if she’ll buy one. Not that my mom was unapproachable at all, but I was so embarrassed. I was as flat chested as the Canadian Prairies and I knew I didn’t need the contraption.  I just wanted to be like everyone else. Really, it was like a Judy Blume novel. 

Thanks to my wonderful mom she didn’t even smirk and she bought me two. It’s not like I needed to be measured for cup size or anything. A one size fits all kinda deal. I was so proud. I couldn’t wait for Phys-Ed class to start at school so I could change into my gym clothes and show off my new lace bra with the tiny pink bows. I swear that change room was like a fashion show run way. Brings a smile to my face to remember the cuteness of it all.

Well that was then and this is now. My once upon a time white one size fits all, stretchy lace undergarment is now replaced by expensive Le Senza colours of varying lifts and supports and I don’t care if they have pretty pink bows on them or not. When work is done, off it comes.

Do you have a training bra story from years ago that you want to share? Do you let your girls free on the weekend or after work? 


Anonymous said...

I honestly believe most girls do this, but don't admit it.. I'm the same, as soon as I'm home, I slip off the bra, and usually slip into trackies, or even PJs... I know, but I have so many pyjamas at home (mostly cos my hubby buys me Peter Alexander ones), so I wear as soon as I get home from work... Love your guilty pleasures - makes me feel like I'm not the only one who gets home and flings it off... hehe My hubby laughs at me, and now I can tell him it's not just me:)

C.J Duggan said...

Ahahahahaha....Michelle I salute you!! I was thinking of this only the other day, too funny! I was talking about the utter bliss it is to be in the comfort of ones home to sling it off and unleash the beasts..hehe. That's what I love about the weekends, tracky dacks, birds nest hair, and no bra. I only pray that I get any unexpected visitors....Scary! (for them) Awesome post, such a Guilty Pleasure!!

Unknown said...

Woot Hoot! I'm feeling such a kinship right now. *high fives*

Laurie said...

How many of our chats with the gang are interrupted with one or more of us declaring "BRB, jammie time" You know that translates into boxers, a oversized tee and letting the girls go free.
I actually don't remember training bras. Now though I try for a bit more flair with cute ones for the 'girls'

Margaret said...

I suckered my mom into buying my first bra on a trip to Peoria. We were at the big Sears store downtown. It came in a box that said 'My First Bra' and had a blue rose in the center. I believe I was going into 7th grade, flat as a board, and savvy enough to know that an undershirt was not going to cut it in the locker room jungle.

Poor Patricia Hardy. She didn't get the memo. That's how traumatic 7th grade was for me. I remember every bit of this vividly, and we both know how many decades have passed since...

I wore that same 'My First Bra' until I was 15. Total late bloomer here.

Now, I never go braless. Seriously, it's the last thing I take off before bed. I even wear it when I brush my teeth and wash my face. There's no way I can turn these babies loose on the world. Who knows what mischief they'll find?

Unknown said...

Ha! I love setting my twins free after a long day as well. That's one of my guilty pleasures too. :)

Jennifer said...

Set 'em free! They're too big to be let loose on an unsuspecting public, but home's a different story.
Try hitting puberty with only a dad. Not pretty.

Julie said...

Funny. Fun-ny! If I don't wear one, my girls just disappear! LOL I usually take it off when I'm around the house though...but keep it handy in case someone comes to the door. My husband asked me why my bra keeps changing spots one day and I just giggled.

I remember my mom getting me my first bra but I was no where ready. It was just a 'so you'll have it when you need it' thing. Then when I was in grade 7, Tina (who was already quite chesty) came up to me and suggested that maybe I should start wearing a bra. I was mortified! And I started wearing my bra the very next day.

Julie said...

Is it sad that I can still fit into my training bra? Don't answer that.

With me, it depends. If I'm wearing a fancy bra, equipped with underwire, I can't whip that thing off fast enough. But if I'm wearing a sports bra, I often forget I have it on. I find them exceptionally comfortable. I've even been known to wear them to bed. And on dates. And in the pool. And yeah, when I'm playing sports too, of course. :)

Unknown said...

I'm loving all your stories!
Thank you for sharing them. Great smiles all around.