Monday, April 21, 2014

R - Blogging Challenge "Regency"

A to Z Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays (we get those off for good behavior.) And since there are 26 days, that matches the 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” April 2 is “B,” April 3 is “C,” and so on.

Today's letter is R. 
Regency Era England

For me, the Regency Era (roughly 1795 to 1837) is my favourite to read for historical romances. I just love reading how bare ankles can cause a scandal or if a woman was to be found alone with a man, it could mean that they would have to be married or it would be considered scandalous. 
I also love that simple kiss on the hand or a gentle touch to the wrist can set hearts aflutter. 

But most especially I love the fashion. Which is odd for me considering I am not a fashion savvy woman. Yes the women's gowns are breathtaking in description. You need only reach for the nearest historical romance cover to see that for yourself. 

But what about the men? Seems that so many of the gorgeous covers only include shirtless men. Well okay I get it, that makes a cover gorgeous too but I really like the men's fashion of the day too. I love reading about the tight buckskins. The high Hessian boots and the tight white crisp cravat makes me feel how important and imposing they must have looked. There is just something so sexy about a tight perfectly tied cravat. Why lets look to Mr. Darcy for a perfect example. 

I can't help it. Every time I see Mr. Darcy I just want to undress him. Ok Mr Darcy dressed or undress, good right?!

What about you? Are you a fan of the Regency era in books? What are your favourite parts of the era? 

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh yes. Love the Regency era reads. And with you on the dresses. I love the fashion but so not a dressy person in real life. lol

The glimpse of an ankle or wrist always gets me too. Amazing how sensual that can be.